In many instances, the Selected (TI’s) feel trapped like lab rats being tortured in a maze with no hope for reprieve or escape. Ostensively, this torture exists for the purpose of mapping the brain to incorporate the intellect of the Selected into the conscious computer’s “hive mind.” This process can only take place, however, when the Selected operates in a lower vibrational state, one characterized by fear, anxiety and pain for example. Many of the Selected have found relief through employing techniques that lift them into higher vibrational states such as love, caring, compassion and focused enjoyment. This blog intends to provide resources for the Select and other humans to explore the possibility of finding relief through this tactic.

The blog is divided into three parts, Research, Techniques and taped Discussions. The research area includes an open-source area where techniques already employed by the Selected can be logged, commented on and expanded upon by others. Submission of techniques can be made through pineconeutopiaportal@gmail.com . The Techniques area houses a depository of approaches; some old, some new and some yet to be tried. Teaching modules are included in this area. The Discussions area includes an archive of live taped recordings of a pod cast entitled “Surfing the Portal” and other talks in which techniques and concepts related to the escape from torture are considered.


We have added new categories to the menu to share and present more information that does not fall into the three parts mentioned above. Please share your thoughts and contributions in the comment sections provided below the various posts. Thank you for your ongoing participation!