Ideas for TI’s

by Noemi E. Valentin Aug 3, 2017

I am glad to share this video about Buddhist Psychology. I think you would like to hear the Zen Buddhist approach to deal with strong negative emotions and suffering because of psychological terrorism.

What helped me was to discover a way so different to the Western self help and regular therapy. I think this psychological approach could interest you as the core Eastern Buddhist Science of the Mind.

The video is Thich Nhat Hanh. He was one of the Zen spiritual leaders of  Vietnamese Resistance during the Vietnam War that moved to France as Political Refuge. He was nominated by Martin Luther King for the Nobel Prize. His teachings are solid psychological science that goes beyond the paradigm of Left-Right brain. This first video is Mind Training explained.   (the teaching starts at 21:52)

The challenge would be to package it specifically for TIs not familiar with this tradition and try to avoid the words Mindfulness and Meditation because they are buzz words that by now don’t mean anything anymore. Also the word Buddhism because it is a Spiritual Philosophy. I could help to bring that info to TIs.

When it started in MA I didn’t find help, so I tried suicide, ended up in a Psych ward for 3 months being harassed even there. I was a mess, but it was there where I stumbled into this video: The Art of Suffering which eventually led me to Tibetan Buddhism.  It literally saved my life and I have had a wonderful spiritual experience. I am so grateful to the Program because it pushed me to seek answers and today I feel happy to be a Buddhist.

Basically I am Stalked with weirdos on motorcycle, Police showing up when I drive around; silent noise everywhere I go. They are stationed on the ceiling above my apt. My bed is 5 feet under the ceiling so they have been frying me for two years to their heart’s content. I am trying to move out, but I know I will be followed.

For ideas for the format of your blog, this is the link to a website that collects tips from the TI community. One submits defenses and the person posts only what is appropriate.

There I found this info on  Artificial Psychogenic pain. I was almost paralyzed because of pain on legs and this has helped me to regain strength. This works with a little practice.

“It is possible to reduce the pain caused by the Directed Energy weapons without shielding using the following method:

Pain can be induced with millimeter wave Directed Energy weapon by directing the millimeter wave (over the body brain map of the brain) to the body part to which the pain has to caused and to the brain area in which the pain will be perceived. Consider an example, to induce the pain in finger the perp directs millimeter wave on the finger and brain area in which the pain (in the finger) will be perceived. This type of pain is classified as Artificial Psychogenic pain. The millimeter wave emulates the stimuli to the nerve which provide wrong information (stimuli as pain) to the nerve and the brain.

Perps have to attack two parts of the body to generate pain. Part one is the place where the pain has to be generated and other on the brain area in which the pain is felt. So to reduce the pain we should take away the consciousness away from the brain area where the perception of the attack will be felt. Sometimes the TI, who’s is being attacked has to relax all the parts of the brain by scanning and relaxing the all brain parts to reduce the pain caused by the Directed Energy weapon.

Pain due to directed energy weapon can be avoided by just feeling the brain state. Feeling the brain state is nothing but just taking your consciousness to the different parts of the brain to find the tensed or high potential part of the brain and relax it (or reduce the potential in that part). For example to feel the chill of a soft drink we touch and feel the temperature with our hand(by taking our mind conscious to the hand). Similarly feel different parts of the brain and find tensed parts of the brain and relax it (relax with breathing out).

This technique can be used to reduce the pain perception induced by the millimeter wave directed energy weapons, by feeling the different parts of the brain. Actually you are avoiding the pain sensation being felt by your conscious brain by taking away your conscious to other parts of brain.

Repost from IAACEA Yahoo group”

Lastly, I found a car window shades are very good blocking mili waves. Here is the cover of the ones I am using. I thought of Dr. Holton. These shades are soft and little weight. Can be used as bed sheets or curtains. They come in light and heavy-duty. It costs only $6.00. Please say hello to her and Ramola.


Again, please watch the video on the Art of Suffering. It is the core of Buddhist Practice and he is a Master Teacher.

Thanks for your dedication.

Noemi E. Valentin



2 thoughts on “Ideas for TI’s

  1. did you ever think the devices are a direct effect on the body without manipulation of the brain, this is not really a question.


    1. DEW can hit you pretty dam hard from my experience with or without brain connection, but the auto-tracking of the target is much like a mental finger print in a way, and it seems one needs to be mind mapped to some degree for the equipment to stay on target. Now it could be said that some TI’s have DEW groups with older equipment that don’t have auto tracking! oh that would be a lot more work sure as one would have to point and shoot and the 1950-70 is gone. These groups from my experience are sick lazy corporate criminals that are obsessed with tracking 24/7 but then again I have implants and that’s another tracking/data mining issue again, and as far as my experience goes the auto-tracking kicked in some where around 1980…
      I hope you have some experience Barbara with DEW – no offence of you don’t, but if you do and you listen to my “Dreams, Time Line Weapons and Black Suits” story, you will get a really good idea how I dodged their tracking and or understand how accurate that tracking is. That creative thinking on the fly saved my life! so paying attention to the criminals weapons and their targeting patterns are very important for a TI to survive any length of time. When one is no longer an asset to these secret illegal corporate programs, these type of far out weapons come on line, and let me tell you it’s quite an experience!


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