Ingestion of monotomic elements will cure you by a process called biological transmutation

by Joe Murphy Aug 11, 2017

Ingestion of monotomic elements will cure you by a process called biological transmutation. It will activate your rainbow chakras and heal all the damage you have sustained. I’ve gotten rid of two tumors and my hair is growing back and turning back to black from grey. The substance is taken out of dead sea salt when the air was 50% oxygen and meteor impacts left rhodium irridium and monotomic gold in the sea. You should use bokek sea salt you can get from the salt then you need a Ph meter, calibration solution for meter, lye and 2 quart jars, slotted wooden spoons for stirring, turkey baster for adding lye solution to extract ormus from the sea water, Ph meter not to exceed 10.7 or you cant drink, then you let it settle 10 hours then you take the baster remove the water from bottle down to the ormus, which will be white washed 3 times in 3 days. It will be ready to drink only a tablespoon a day. Go to you tube and learn the rest from Robert Alle(n Bartlett) or trebor7  on [how to make ormus to decalcify your pineal and boost phycic abilitys]  The gold particles adhere to the neurotransmitters in your brain into superconducters  Watch[annunaki dont watch this film]   Watch Laurence Gardiner, Don Nance, both alchemists. Ive made it for a year and am astounded at the results I can recall. 35 years of data mining in nanoseconds ,it decalcifies your pineal gland and pituitary gland and evens out both your right and left hemispheres of your brain.  It can be compromised. Best to make it yourself because it can be degraded during shipment with emf that destroys it. Once you achieve a higher resonance you will be illuminated. They have known of these secrets for years. Nothing worse than illuminated phycopaths. My typing is being altered  (Not to worry Joe, I have edited your text to make it understandable.)

5 thoughts on “Ingestion of monotomic elements will cure you by a process called biological transmutation

  1. i watched what had to be the best blog ive ever seen after 36 years of data mining its 3 hours but well worth your effort its on you tube paul you know alot of what he speaks of .it name is [dicoveries of advanced ancient technology prove our ancient history is a lie .he talks of tesla,keely ,edward leedskalnin i have all there books water and sound healing he steams up with physicist nassim harramein and the discovered doughnut shaped stones and quartz cones used for levitation by creating torroidal fields ai messing with me again his theories are brilliant.sit through the whole thing you will be amazed


  2. t more blogs for you guys [the healing power of gems and crystals byearth keeper video]and for paul a nostalgic trip into the past[one hit wonders of the 60s byold school retrocast]great footage and live performanasw for dr horton it was never the higgs boson particle dark matter called stranglets now they have a straglet condensate.web bots are eating me hehe


  3. do you guys believe in quantum paradign shifts i saw blog that said our timeline was changed in 2012 to avoid a neuclear holocost by a group called the collective and if the timeline isnt fixed by september the old timeline may merge with this im corrolating a bunch of blogs to hypothesize ive collected terrabytes of data and bec sause of my illuminated ormus mind this all makes sense to me iiscncuding quantum physics thts why there are alot more colliders than you know about effects.hopefully theve figured it out this would also explain the mandela effects . so the d wave isnt new its something old made new . if this is true see pattie brassard


  4. More from Joe: is the website you can get buffer solution and ph meter at amazon or ebay make sure it register tens of a percent.i have a cheap one but im going to but a better one i highly recomend bokek salt you must shut down all magnetic fieldsllen watch [how to make supercharged ormus to boost pysychic abilitys by trebor7 his real name is robert allen he used to have dislexia but cured that and back pain and has grown his hair back as well.but some himilayan pink salt to use it contains 85 minerals unlike any salt on earth .white table salt is deadly.himalayan salt also contains natural nacent iodine.look it up it will heal the ti victims as well .use slotted wooden spoon to stir some morons use electric stirrers and ruin ther ormus with the magnetic field of the stirrer.


  5. and more:
    im not targeted but as a data hunter ive bathed in radiation for 36 years im almost 70 and have no health issues whatsoever have minimized two lymph gland tumors now there gone.this doesnt happen overnight the first thing that happens is you activate both hemispheres of your brain then when these heavy platinum group particles go through your bloodstream they adhere to your brains neurotransmitters they turn them into superconductors watch on you tube[annunaki dont watch this film part one and two .a fantastic blog i put on flash drive is [discoveries of advanced ancient technology prove our ancient hisory is a lie


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