Listen to the 7.83hz and 432hz music

It became obvious to me I have been targeted since 1985, and like Cynthia McKinney has said, if I look back before that date I believe I have been targeted for human experimentation since I was a very young child.
The techniques the program uses against me have varied over the years. But like so many of the experiences I hear from targeted individuals, I have had too. There are some other things the program has done to me I’m still scratching my head over.
One technique I have discovered that is helping me break the brain entrapment the program is using against me recently — keeping me in a brain loop over past memories and instilling unwanted emotions in me — is listening to the 7.83 Schumann resonance as well as 432 hz.
These sounds and music can be found on youtube. Of course, I am skeptical that some of what is circulating on the internet could have negative subliminal frequencies embedded. I advise to be cautious. But these frequencies have helped me immensely.
I am considering purchasing a 7.83 Schumann resonance generator for my home. If I do, I will let you know the results.

When I first discovered this technique (only recently) against this synthetic telepathy — is the only way I can describe it for the moment — I could tell my perps were shocked! They kept trying to deliver the same repetitive past memories and attaching emotions to them and it didn’t work! I feel they are at a loss now as what to do. When I feel they are trying to get in again with the brain loop, I listen to the 7.83hz and 432hz music in particular and I can’t feel their efforts. It’s really amazing the relief I get from it.
The program I am in I believe is to drive me to insanity. In the beginning they were going for suicide, but since that didn’t work out for them, I think now they want me to do something outrageous that will put me in jail or permanently committed to a psych ward.
I have two neighbors that are perps. The one across the street has been giving me disapproving looks. He tends to come out of his house the exact same time I do. I’m interested to see what my next door neighbors’ response is.
I’m interested in how long the effect of listening to the resonance lasts, and if it wears off and for how long. I’m wondering if there might be a cumulative effect to it.
I’ll definitely keep you posted.
In case you are interested, here is the link to the youtube video that I stumbled on and ended up frustrating their brain entrapment. It is listed as binaural beats but I don’t listen with head phones. I just play it through stereo speakers I have for my computer and it seems to work.
In case you are interested, here is the link to the youtube video that I stumbled on and ended up frustrating their brain entrapment. It is listed as binaural beats but I don’t listen with head phones. I just play it through stereo speakers I have for my computer and it seems to work.


Best Regards,

Pamela Seley

I also discovered this rain noise generator online. It has buttons at the top of the page to adjust decibel levels. I think it has a cooling effect on the body. It also seems to break that brain loop I was describing in my previous emails. I have it on as background noise. Far better than tv (which I do not watch). All TIs need to stop watching tv, imo.
NEW: More from Pamela Sept 5, 2017
I don’t know if it’s a placebo effect, but it does seem to give temporary relief. I really want to see the plug pulled on this program. It breaks my heart to hear so many people are suffering from electronic harassment. For a long time, many many years, I had no idea this thing goes as deep as it does. That it is world wide. I am realizing more details about my own personal targeting experience as I look back. Sometimes I feel very angry about it, but the anger doesn’t solve the problem. Like crying over spilled milk.
I did buy a small Schumann resonance generator on Amazon.
I knew I was taking a chance that it might be bogus, but it isn’t. I learned piano at an early age, and although I am not a professional musician, I appreciate music and have an understanding of tones and acoustic tuning. When I was in high school I studied piano from a college piano instructor and he told me I have perfect pitch. Not to inflate the notion of perfect pitch, my understanding is it just means a person can pick out tones, hum them back, played in music. Knowing what note it is comes from practice.
The Schumann resonance generator oddly is used in music studios for recording and in theaters for performance as it creates air, takes away “noise” and makes music sound better to the listener. It is also used for listening to music. Here is an article on it
And some really technical articles on a specific device designed by Mr. Ken Ishiguro in Japan.
“…the RR-77 generates a 7.83Hz Schumann frequency pulse that ‘shields’ your HiFi electronics and listening room from radio frequency interference and thereby improves the S/N ratio so the electronics perform better.”
What is key in the above quote is “shields” your electronics and listening room from radio frequency interference. These articles are written by audiophiles, not targeted individuals.
It’s a little pricey at almost $300. Also buying this device on Amazon may not include warranties. To buy from an authorized dealer it is 2x the amount.
I am aware many targets are wiped out financially so it might be a stretch. Even the $85 one I bought from Amazon might be, which came from China by the way. It works because I can tell the change in quality when I listen to music on my computer stereo speakers. And most importantly I feel better.
The st*si program had recently (I mentioned previously) doing the synthetic telepathy thingy and also keeping me up all night so that I couldn’t get to sleep until 5 am. seriously, they like to sleep deprive us. Since keeping this on from Friday evening September 1 when I received the unit until now, I have been able to get to bed at a decent hour and sleep for 8 hours. I keep it on 24/7 in my home office where I spend the majority of my time. Because it is small and portable I could move it to my bedroom, but it hasn’t been necessary. The several hours during the day exposed to the frequency has been enough it seems so far.
Interestingly, when I first turned this on — it has to be at a height of 59″ to work properly — the alter-ego voice (for lack of a better term) said “this thing is going to make you sick and die. You should turn it off.” Then I got attacks to my neck, which they do practically all the time, and then stung my toe so that it itched uncontrollably and had intense pain at the same time. I was just sitting there doing nothing after turning on this device and suddenly the fear thought kicked in, and then one of my toes felt like it was on fire and my neck was in pain. I knew this had to be something on the RIGHT track. Now if I what I just described I said to someone who is not aware of electronic targeting and harassment they would think I was crazy. Right? Send that woman to a psychiatrist!
I hope this isn’t too disjointed. Basically, I feel better. Getting enough sleep as we know is important to health. I don’t know what the N*zi’s will do to me next. I’m on high alert.
Till next time,
Best regards,

p.s. One more thing I forgot to add. Use a surge protector. All TI’s should have their electronics on surge protectors. Years ago, I didn’t and my electronic devices quit working after they surged my electricity. That cost a lot of money to replace.

On Saturday, September 2, they shut off my electricity coming in the house three times consecutively, maybe hoping to create a surge and break the Schumann device? I have everything on surge protectors and that does make a difference in protecting electronic devices. I highly recommend using surge protectors.

4 thoughts on “Listen to the 7.83hz and 432hz music

  1. Your spot on as I have also used this in my Rife programs with a programmable frequency generator, and the catch is to not use more than 50% duty cycle. This took me a long while to learn as I was using 86.3% duty cycle because it killed off SV40 and other body targets really quickly, so my programs still work well but need just a bit more time to do it’s job. The criminal DEW crew like this even less because if they bother my sleep too much I run my entire database of hits which is close to 7 hours of pissing them off and more sleep for me. But as of July of 2017 I mentally make a jittery vibration as best as can be FELT. That’s the key here is feeling it as a 1st person tactile exercise, and that sympathetic vibration will help kick in the pineal gland and that lead to realizing 50% duty cycle on a machine might do the same job and it does a pretty good job. So what does this mean, well it means the EEG cloning can’t stay quietly connected to a mapped mind without making adjustment constantly. If you get any extreme pains from DEW then this can be learned in a very short order and the more they test you with pain the faster and better you get at breaking their connection – take care.


  2. I came to realize after getting info from others that the best music to listen to is Jazz because it doesn’t have a “PATTERN” in the music. Also try singing, clapping, slapping your legs, dancing; you are trying to take control of the sounds they are sending you. Set your radio to a low signal, talk radio and put it in another room.
    Buy products to block noise like the musicians do where you sleep…or use pillows, stuffed animals, blankets, clothes;
    I have the radio in my bedroom to a low talk radio station, always change your stations never keep the same pattern in anything you do. Move your furniture around where you sleep, sit or do computer work…always change things around because that is where they are pointing the signal at you.
    Use a Lead USB CABLE, just got mine, it works great!
    Put a pad underneath your foot pedal, there is a wire that shouldn’t be there, it will block the microwave from hitting you in your car. Pad underneath your driving wheel, keep a lot of plastic and foil in your car.
    If you are being hit with guns,,,,,try making your room like a bunker, build it with metal or rock even if it’s on a board and put up against the wall.
    If you are really at risk go live where there is less population where it rains a lot, in mountains, near water, near rock formations, caves.
    They don’t like Christian sermons or Christian music….Love Music…things that are of GODS LIGHT….
    GOD IS LOVE……Prayers for all of you suffering…..I am suffering too…..
    Also, family,,,,,remember they are also causing chaos in your family,,,,it’s not your family it’s this Military Weapon controlling your family’s emotions…..
    The EMF clothes……doesn’t work for me except for the cable….so since we are all chemically made different maybe it will work for you…..


  3. Name: Jeanne M.Bizeau Johnson


    I wanted to voice my opinion on listening to other frequencies to combat the ones they use is a very bad idea. You don’t know who’s posting it and if its viable. There are too many and don’t take the chance. I’m the yoga bio feedback Deep mediation.. I use music, dance and anything to change my mind. A busy mind is a happy mind.

    Time: August 21, 2017 at 1:16 am


    1. They sell body cams that to everyday people that are not involved in gangsta king the everyday person won’t know or to look to see if your shirt has a small black camera on it.but the preps will all know your where it.they don’t like being filmed.reason is they know there ashamed of what and who they have it helps you gather evidence if needed.dash cam for vehicle.I think if you have a should get professional lettering on your vehicle.with on your car.truck can do this for about 250$ both sides of vehicle and tailgate.park it in noticeable parking spots everywhere you no to around.people do Google everything today.


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