An idea from the Bible

Hi There:
For at least sixteen years, I have experienced almost all of the oppression that TIs around the world including the guests on Techno Crime Fighters Forum have undergone.  Just a quick message here regarding what happened to me during the last week.  Having regularly fasted and read the Holy Bible for about five years, I have been finding that the intended negative consequences of the attacks — demonic as well as physical — have been increasingly dissipating.  During the last two weeks, the “convoying” by the “regional mafia” was really ramped up with “ebbs and flows.”  There have been times when they left the community in their convoys only to be followed the next day by renewed attacks by another “army” of roughnecks.  My experiences in this regard sound very much like Ramola D’s with the cars driving up and down the street shooting streams of energy, following me to various rooms in my home; also the small airplanes and the helicopters as well as the swarming on roads of all kinds (including highways).  I have also just recently noticed the lawn mowers and hedge trimmers starting up just as Ramola mentions in Techno Crime Fighters Forum episode 21.  (I had a real laugh listening to what Ramola said with the great sense of humour you all have on the forum).
What I started to do was to read my Bible in public areas — starting with outside in my car as they “mafia convoys” thundered along the street that I live on.  I started that this past Thursday and found that after an hour-or-so, the cars storming loudly down the street came to an end.  I then got an idea from the Bible to use it as a weapon against different satanic strongholds going out concentrically from me to my home to points in the community that I have noticed that these “people” congregate.  So I went to a nearby grocery store parking lot and read my Bible for about an hour.  Again, I noticed that the thundering cars, trucks, vans and public transportation vehicles stopped after a while — almost “disappearing” altogether.  Today, I started sitting in my car in my driveway for about thirty minutes until the noisiness stopped.  Next, I went to a nearly parking lot and continued reading my Bible as the cars thundered by there; then that largely dissipated.  Then I went around the corner, parked along a main street and did the same thing there until the thundering noise from the swarms of vehicles rushing by stopped.  Then I went a little farther to another retail shopping complex and did the same thing there.  This will be added to my “strategic toolkit” going forward into the future.  I highly recommend this approach to others: fasting with purpose as in Isaiah 58 plus constant Bible reading.  I would also add that it is important, in my opinion, to keep to eating “pure” foods, drinking plenty of pure water, breathing deeply (as in the method described by Paul Bragg in his health-related books), doing Pilates and stretching, engaging one’s mind in something positive that is interesting, having fun, being engaged in meaningful work as much as possible.  Spirulina is also something that I have found helps along with juicing and, for those inclined, trying a raw foods diet (very difficult but amazing results); also reading up on Paul Bragg’s concept of “nerve force.”  God Bless!
Glenda Whiteman from Toronto, Ontario, Canada.
Hi Again:
There are other things that I meant to add in my previous email to you.  I have, of course, been subjected to the horrifying microwave and other weaponry — usually simultaneously along with the gang-stalking — for many years.  I have experienced the strange bruising and other marks on my skin along with burning of my skin on the outside and “hot radiation pulsing” sensations internally.  I have also experienced what I have called — and I noticed Dr. Millicent Black mentioned on a recent Techno Crime Fighters Forum episode the same term — “electronic witchcraft.”  I have also called this “electronic voodoo” and “electronic black magic” along with psychological torture, attempted destruction of career, reputation and finances as well as being called “mentally ill” by those who are the really mentally ill.  I mention this just to let you know that all of these things — especially the electronic weaponized satanic attacks — are also rapidly dissipating.  The other protocols that I mentioned previously relating to diet, breathing and fitness are all important; but they will be ultimately useless, in my experience, unless they are used in conjunction with the reading of the Bible along with the fasting: the fasting gives the Bible reading the added power but fasting without reading the Bible is also largely useless in this war, in my experience.  Also, I have found that, though many have tried to assist and support me in my community over the years, the “goons” will be directed to overcome what the good citizens do.  But I AM ABLE TO FEND OFF AND BEAT AN ENTIRE ARMY OF GANGSTERS BY MYSELF SIMPLY BY DOING WHAT I HAVE MENTIONED IN MY EMAILS BUT WITHIN THE CONTEXT OF BIBLICAL INSTRUCTION!  I ENCOURAGE EVERYONE TO AT LEAST CONSIDER WHAT I HAVE BEEN SAYING. THESE “PEOPLE” SEEM TO SIMPLY RUN AWAY AFTER A WHILE! Thank you.
Glenda Whiteman from Toronto, Ontario, Canada.

2 thoughts on “An idea from the Bible

  1. More from Glenda
    Just to let you all know, I tried the same technique with the reading of the Bible when I went to the grocery store which I go to regularly — almost every day in fact. Therefore, the stalkers know that I go there regularly and this means that they regularly follow me in and often “flood” the store. This makes it difficult for everyone including the management of the store who have been apprised of the situation. So, today I spent a little time reading the Bible in the parking lot before entering to buy some items. After a short time (probably around fifteen minutes) I noticed that car after car left the parking lot. Now some might say that this is just what happens anyways: people come and go so nothing special. But it was my distinct impression that these were stalkers. In fact, this is one method of identifying them as it is often difficult to identify exactly who they are as they have learned to bring in different groups of stalkers and they often “blend.” Again, just to let you all know. I don’t think that this is a helpful technique that is isolated to me alone: I’m sure it will help everyone else as well. Thanks.


  2. I would say the work people are doing like the above are “holding space” and clearing the energies of a location. If a technique works good enough to protect one self at night, then I would like a list of those type of heart space actions or what every they might be – need to be compiled. The some thing very interesting might happen to the TI community at that point, a common mental language of defence should come into play and more…


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