Cochlear Implants and what you can do


I can’t believe what I find out!! The implant could be so advanced as to reduce it to receiving and transmitting into microchips.

Cochlear implants bypass most of the peripheral auditory system which receives sound and converts that sound into movements of hair cells in the cochlea; the inside-portion of these hair cells release potassium ions in response to the movement of the hairs, and the potassium in turn stimulates other cells to release the neurotransmitter, glutamate, which makes the cochlear nerve send signals to the brain, which creates the experience of sound. Instead, the devices pick up sound and digitize it, convert that digitized sound into electrical signals, and transmit those signals to electrodes embedded in the cochlea. The electrodes electrically stimulate the cochlear nerve, causing it to send signals to the brain.[5][6][7]

There are several systems available, but generally they have the following

An illustration of a cochlear implant

one or more microphones that pick up sound from the environment
a speech processor which selectively filters sound to prioritize audible speech
a transmitter that sends power and the processed sound signals across the skin to the internal device by electromagnetic induction,

The internal part of a cochlear implant (model Cochlear Freedom 24 RE)
a receiver/stimulator, which receives signals from the speech processor and converts them into electric impulses.

For more info on cochlear implants


There are earplugs, Mack’s Silicon Putty earplugs that are excellent for blocking both loud acoustic noise and electronic, such as Silent Noise, mechanical sounds, starting sounds and noise in general.

Used with micropoliester cloths, sold in the automotive section in Walmart for ¢88 each and folded in four under a cap, may block electronic through the ear canal to brain. Especially if you cover the area behind the left ear, where coclear implants usually are implanted,, and wear an earplug to block the ear canal. I think that stops the signals to brain.

There are Companies that advertize them:

There is a description in Wikipedia describing and explaining Coclear Implants and how they work. To me sounds like V2K source and what is out there is disinformation:

My experience has been that the satellites cannot spot me when I wear the caps and earplugs, because can I hear the chip in that spot beeping and getting warmer searching for the signal, and feel when it reconnect seconds after I take it off. I wonder if I fall completely out of the satellite signal and cannot ‘find’ me, and if the chip also works as GPS. I also believe that particular microchip may be receiver and transmitter, and is the one with my brain signature. I am guessing.

As feed back it is hard for me to read this font and small letters. I also would suggest more contrast to make it easier to read.

Hope this helps.

I also believe this nightmare has made me to strengthen my spiritually. It is either swim or sink.

One thought on “Cochlear Implants and what you can do

  1. I love the fact you mention the digital signal with the implant, because I had my left ear blown out with DEW at the end of January 2017. It was the only time I could hear the digital processing of an implant, and it made hearing any thing at all, very hard to understand for a very long time. It made me question the feed back loop with DEW, because I have removed 2 implants and both were shaped differently, and I had not learn to defend myself very well for any length of time yet. So can’t prove that my best working defence will or would defend another ear blow out a 2nd time because it happened so fast the first time and put me unconscious.


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