Focused Jitter Vibration

by Brian T Wilcox

Focused Jitter Vibration for breaking down the connection to a TI’s mapped mind and or sympathetic pineal function. I have tried to make it as easy to follow but you might want to quiz me on any thing that is hard to understand to make sure to not confuse other TI’s – thanks. Also I have decided to leave out a lot of my other material, because I don’t want to front load what others discover with this, so lets see what functional TI feedback comes from this mental exercise.

1st get in your favorite physical meditative breathing position, breath deep and slow
Go Beneath the words
Beneath the story
Beneath the tension
Spend as much time here looping as needed to notice that the museum’s (Babylonian economic war machine) distractions no longer have any weight, then the energies will naturally feed into vibrations. They will become more obvious and louder and thus allows for a 1st person tactile experience, so consciousness can peacefully take a part in centering the mind away from distractions.
Hear vibration
Feel vibration
See vibration
Vibration has a location
If you hear music or tones, mentally modulate it any way you can up or down and eventually slow it down to a jitter vibration. This will help your pineal gland function or you could say the 1st eye has a much greater chance to function along side a sympathetically vibrating jittering consciousness. Targeted Individuals while under attack will find it only takes minutes to iron out mental firing paths if the pain is loud, like when handlers target heavy nerve bundle areas like sexual areas. Direct sharp pains from automated tracking and firing DEW equipment will be interrupted when the jitter vibration is achieved! They will likely get angry and do this over and over until they realize it too late, that they just helped you learn very quickly how to deal with DEW equipment! Handlers may change to deeper body targets which are harder to feel a broken signal and thus not as easy to defend, but remember your experience learning is not going to be forgotten very quickly.

Beyond the above defence quickly learned and into the sympathetic pineal function that could OBE. One might find that this new energy awareness about “I” eventually goes inside and becomes “We”, that’s a typical “inside out” movement. Most people are distracted far too easy and this is the typical Cabal-a-day’s “outside in” programming. Awareness transfer can be more like listening to that large amount of energy again, but having awareness transfer into a location where ALL minds connect. A space where the mind is still, quiet and waits for the feeling of a presence and or waits for say a telepathic message. Your conscious is essentially setting the intention to be quiet without front loading any idea of what it might be like period, so ideas like this are useful to avoid the typical programmed response. After all TI’s know the voice of god gig and it’s nice to feel a different angle that is more authentic and OBE is perfect for that. You may also find that this energy shift with the pineal gland can also drop you into lucid meditation and lucid dreaming…

Have fun and please share feedback, lets make this exercise really kick some DEW butt 😉

4 thoughts on “Focused Jitter Vibration

  1. From Dorothy Wright

    Aug 13

    I know a vibration that works to make me get to a sweet spot of love and peace. That is drumming to music. I have 2 hand drums like they used in the 60’s. I use my fingers and hands. I am 75 and love music.


      1. Hi Brian It was nice of you to reply. you asked about the drumming lessening the pain. To answer that, I would have to explain how I view the pain and those that induce it. The method of producing most of the pain comes from their ability to access our brain to attack the nerve exactly in the spot they hit. Shield the head and back of the neck effectively. If you can achieve that you may find in a few seconds it will lessen or stop. Not all attacks come from that but many may and we want to try any reasonable method. Most important is to realize panic and fear make pain worse. They play on that. I play on my drums. What are you dealing with?


      2. What have I dealt with? Wow that’s going to be hard to put in short form but I will try as it’s 77 pages so far…
        1980 – Scoop mark on back of left leg as a child, no blood, no memory of it happening, no scab – seems it was cauterized and was a pink…
        Police abuse as a child…
        What people call street theatre, this helps cover up actual off world contact…
        PLF contact and much missing time and this is military operations, other loving contact doesn’t get blank slated. Now I could be wrong as I haven’t got all my time back.
        Worst missing time wipe – was all my memory to the point of not knowing any thing, took about 2-3 weeks to get what I thought were all my memories back…
        I was very good at one time with pineal activity, full access in seconds, this made the criminal DEW crew come out of hiding and then things really got heavy. Many attempts on my life over the decades where I discovered how serious these criminals were.
        1990’s – Forced Suicide – where my handlers put me in a trance like state set the stage and create a dialog that might fit the situation, but they lost that battle 2 time. But it taught me that they really can control at least 1/2 my body, my left side is easier for them to access probably because I am right handed. On the second staged setup I discovered I had an implant and I removed it, it’s a story and a half really but will leave it at the fact that after I had my first implant in my bloody hands – that changed every thing. I took my missing time over the years as more serious.
        Voice of God experiences over many decades, but the handlers are never smart enough to out think me and I walk them into a corner where they have to admit defeat, some time they connect just to scream at me that they are such bad asses and all that man dominated slop – but they are connecting to me and yell because I dodged another kill setup. If these people had normal jobs they would be fired so fast…
        I have had experiences with time line technology – 3 times that I remember and these are on my youtube outlet, because I felt that most people would not survive such an attack and needed to be filled in that it exists.
        I have had my handlers put me in a trance sitting up on lunch break, next thing I know I am late for work and my work place assumed I had quit. Apparently many people had done this and we all laughed it off and I went back to work as I liked the boss and small crew. But the handlers burnt down this work place so that’s how it ended.
        I have had skin burns in different area, and my handlers favourite place to burn is the penis so I figure he’s likely just another 3 dollar bill kind of military man with issues. Worst burns were in my mouth where once was a capped tooth, and it could be inducted heat wise amazingly fast. That was 2310 days of a type of hell, still recovering from the side effects of that, the remaining root of that tooth is damaged and is being removed in a few days. Having the tooth of pain did allow me to triangulate the main broadcast in my area, and I would do this over a long period of time and they never moved locations even though I know where they work from day and night. It’s only a few hundred feet from where I am sitting now…
        DEW can cause me enhanced allergic reaction, serious bone pain for weeks, remaining implants can put a lot of pain on a person internally, even if not near nerve endings. Head aches that last for days and days, join pains, forced heart attacks which are easy to avoid after a little practice. They can make you really hot and really cold, the hot part will lead to a head ache, also suppressed breathing and forced sickness when you were very healthy other wise. Coughing always hits me the most but everyone else line of sight wise, isn’t that far off from me when looking at the broadcast location when the house is trying to sleep, so it doesn’t surprise me that the entire house coughs a lot. More so for those that say in the house more than not. Forced staying awake or forced sleep, their bag of tricks is very large…
        These same criminals target my children, in different way – this is their way of keeping the trained helplessness game going on.
        DEW can target a very small location on the body and hit it with enough energy that the muscle will remain very hard and tense for about 5 days – most would consider this a wasp sting like feeling, but I catch on fast and notice right away is that it lacks any common skin sting look. I also get this in my sleep and they like to hit the muscle between my thumb and finger, this can be day or night. If at night they will try to cause a reaction like a nightmare with a wasp nest in my face, in fact that was what they did for my birthday on the 10th – didn’t work out for them either as I am just to calm to care about their group stupidity tricks and pains. They have a lot of repeating dreaming script that will layer over top of actual old awake trauma, but I have only just started to write out the logic of this and how they do it.
        I have seen their holographic technology while being walked into street theatre over a coffee get together, but the interesting thing is the flaws over time that can be put together. Such as when face to face with a criminal(s), when they are walking away they will talk low and quiet to them selves, seems they need to do this to send information back to the group connection – it’s pretty funny actually.
        All in all the shielding and all my partial success eventually lead back to a mental jittery vibration as a defence, it’s the only thing that works on the fly and has helped me end the day and night crazy pains.
        Hope this covers most of my experiences, lots missing but it’s a quick over view of DEW/psychotronic abuse and what one can expect when your no longer an asset to a corporate criminal group.


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