Mindfullness is the only real solution

By Will Glover

I’m a SRA, experiencer etc.  Targetting Dollars at Work

I got hit real bad in 2003. I didn’t understand why I felt like a computer was trying to take over my mind. I thought I was just losing it, then the gang stalking, the quantum overlay and the whole nine yards. My good friend’s girlfriend whose dad worked a computer co involved with the DOD, she all the sudden lost it in 2003 so we thought. Then I did. Luckily I stayed out of the system, just worked myself to death. Then went camping for a month. That’s what really saved me. Then I moved every 9 months. Living on a farm now 🙂 for the past 3 years

Mindfullness is the only real solution. It’s all about where you put your energy.

Making friends with nature and the world around you to drown out the frequencies. Getting grounded and being in the moment, whether it be exercise or mediation, walks in the forest. One has to learn how to be present to then have the presence to overcome this BS. Basically you have to teach your body to ignore the signals. I pose it to myself as a challenge as every second I spend feeling paranoia and anxiety, they are winning.

It also helps to take out all the etheric implants and shut down the physical one. But the only way to keep them out is to not give them energy i.e. mindfulness.

I also have 6 giant white dogs and I live in the country. Perps hate dogs. They see right through their demon BS. Had a squadron of black helicopters fly over my house the same day I did an interview last week. Whatever… Leave brass knuckles on my porch when I go out of town. whatever… I’m still here

Y’all have a great presence. For those of us without family it is nice to feel your genuine concern for others.

Sincerely, Will

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