Mental Shielding

Former DOD Contractor Bryan Tew Discusses Conscious Computers & Mind Control: ¨The Tew Hypothesis¨

Posted onAugust 7, 2017AuthorEric Karlstrom

An excerpt

20) Solutions! There are many ways to defeat this technology. First and perhaps foremost, if the target does not respond to the situational and conversational scenarios, the technology fails because it cannot be verified.

There are four kinds of shielding (passive, mental, chemical, and electronic jamming). Of these, mental shielding is the best and includes:

a) Multi-tasking: By thinking in multiple threads, there´s no coherent pattern for them to download.
b) Listening to pleasing music, dancing, etc. disrupts their access to the TIs brain.

Tew: “CIA DIA Mind Control technologies are based on what are called THOUGHT TRIGGERED ATTACKS, meaning the RNM Supercompúter your brain is tied to, by way of a bidirectional stream of electromagnetic low frequency waves callled the INFORMATION and INJECTION FEEDBACK LOOP, must be able to PREDICT and INFLUENCE your reference CHOICE during THOUGHT COMPOSITION or their technology fails. Pleasing music defeats that by creating a DOMINANT EXTERNAL STIMULUS and entraining your brain away from the constant visual and verbal entrainments the RNM System is using to keep your brain entrained to its system and to interfere with your MEMORY and THOUGHT PROCESS. It shifts the victims’ FOCUS OF ATTENTION away from the RNM System, meaning the RNM Supercomputer can no longer LOCK ON to your EMOTIONAL STATE. It can still attack you and it will to try and stop the music from defeating its technology, but mind control fails.

It is not just music but lyrical music which disrupts CIA DIA mind control technology, because as the victim follows along with the pleasing music and the lyrical content together with the musical tune – a form of multi tasking – which entrains the brain away from the CIA DIA RNM Supercomputer defeating their mind control technology. The ‘Pleasing Music’ becomes the ‘Dominant External Stimulus’ and the brain tends to align itself with the ‘dominant external stimulus’. The brain aligning itself with any dominant external stimulus is called ‘Brain Entrainment’.


c) Being spontaneous breaks their patterns and disrupts their system. Then they have to start all over again with a new scenario. For their technology to work, they have to predict your choices. They use thought-triggered attacks that must be verified. To predict where you are going in advance, what you are going to eat, etc., they initiate these situational scenarios. The supercomputer is always probing the TI for a response. They give you a strong desire to do something…. They initiate these situational and conversational scenarios to pit you into an ¨action-access-sequence¨ and then they target you at incrementally higher levels. These scenarios involve your families and your friends.
d) Redirection. When you realize you are under neural attack, redirect your thoughts to something that is very pleasant for you. For example, I think of Jesus.
e) Having a basic understanding of how the technology works. Understand that they are going to present trauma to the target on a daily basis because trauma is essential for them to map out your system. They need to have you respond to their specific stimuli, or the verification process breaks apart. Without verification to their stimuli there is no mind control… it can´t exist. So they need you to keep you under 24 hour physical surveillance.
f) Learn to read active memory, which is really short term memory (anything less than 30 seconds). This targeting is designed to target your short term memory. Mind control is based on attacking you as you are formulating your thoughts; these are thought-triggered attacks. So you begin to maintain situational awareness of your mind, your thoughts, where you are, etc. It´s all based on their ability to single out coherent patterns of thought. So identify what are your real, true thoughts, and what might be injected. For example, they want to create lust. They might follow that with a memory inject. This is called quenching

Second, ¨passive shielding¨ is almost totally ineffective against an active, adaptive system such as these conscious computers. Passive shielding materials include metal, Teflon, Faraday cages. While they have some limited effects at certain frequencies, the system can immediately adapt to these using the Hyper Game theory.

Third, ¨chemical shielding¨includes medicine to help you relax, such as valium. But these medications are often highly addictive.

Forth is ¨electronic Jamming.¨ But this is very expensive and it´s difficult to isolate the signal and that signal is adaptive because it´s an active system. Also, the proper equipment would cost a fortune.

So …. ¨Mental shielding¨ is the best! In summary, think in multiple threads, multi-task (for example, watching television and cooking at the same time). This creates multiple threads of thoughts and this causes multiple images on their screens and their verification process breaks apart. Listening to music is very effective,and in fact, is the best shield I´ve discovered. It has to be dominant. The brain will align itself with a dominant external stimulus. Indeed, that´s what they are doing to you. When something else becomes the dominant external stimulus, they can´t entrain your brain. So watching movies and listen to music, whistling while you work, etc. break brain entrainment. And it creates all this additional energy. The clone and supercomputer can´t make sense of what they see on the screen. This jams the information feedback loop. Spontaneity works too…. They are reading your mind 24 hours a day. When you create multiple patterns on their screen, they can´t can do their integration, completion, verification. Listening to pleasing music is the best shield I´ve discovered. Then your brain is entrained away from their system and their mind control fails. Listening to pleasing music also lights up many electromagnetic energy nodes in your brain which effectively jams their system.


2 thoughts on “Mental Shielding

  1. Nice post as it covers most aspects of the DEW computer equipment, but one can also feed back into the computer network beyond the so called firewall. I don’t recommend this as I have done this many times and without being able to defend myself easily at the time, the pain levels are off the chart but one will learn how many connection the equipment can target at one time! In my area it’s about 7 and that’s a lot of attention for one TI…

    Another reason why the DEW groups will cause pain, drop the mic noise, cough etc in order to stop the TI from being absolutely quiet in now. If a TI doesn’t give the AI (artificial knowledge) system any data to work with, the AK has no base line to work with.


  2. I found that humming can help, to disengage a little, like getting a tone going, with like some Mongolian throat gargling or even playing Dig?


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