6 Techniques

by Mary Joy MacKay

For years I have avoided participating in discussion groups because they focused on the problem and not solutions. From 2012 – 2013 I had a website that was focusing on solutions, but eventually took it down for a variety of reasons. In 2016 I self published my book “The Joy Thieves”, that tells my story. I wrote it for the sole purpose of putting my story out in public, another testimonial to the reality of these crimes.

I am so full of gratitude for your website that is now offering solutions that really work. These are also solutions that can unify us and make us stronger as a group.

I am targeted for gangstalking only. I do not have DEW attacks. This is not to say that what I experience on a daily basis is not horrific. I have lost my entire (large) family with the exception of a few persons. I once had a full social life and dated a lot. That is all gone. I was a Creative Professional with my own successful business earning high dollar amounts for projects. (I can help you with web stuff if you need someone). Now here I am, 61 years old, single, female, broke and on disability with a mental health diagnosis.

I thank God daily that I came into this with a spiritual practice intact. I don’t know how people without that survive this. Anyway, I had a lot of mental and spiritual tools at my disposal when this started and that has only increased many times over as time has gone on.

You have already mentioned many of them on your website. Meditation. Mindfulness. Yoga. Any and all of the words of Jesus the Christ. Staying in a high vibration of love, bliss and peace. Below are some that I use that I haven’t seen mentioned. Some are also in my book:

1. Neuro Linguistic Programming, or NLP. Extremely powerful exercises that take less than a minute in most cases and eliminate anxiety or change one’s state of mind instantly. You can find free exercises all over the internet and there is an audiobook by one of the founders. I can’t recommend this enough.

2. EBT. This is a similar sort of technique. However you must take classes which cost money. It’s worth it, though.

3. The Mickey Mouse voice. Makes anything you say sound silly and meaningless. Try “ooh, I’m so scared!” or “that’s so hurtful”. Changes my mood every time. Most of the time I say it to myself, but sometimes I let them hear me.

4. Love bomb the perps. Put a headset on so you look like you’re talking on the phone. Then talk to God, Jesus, Gurus, whoever, telling them how much you love them and why. The perps think you are talking to a friend and the high love vibration, in contrast to the hurtful vibe they are attempting to hit you with, has a “deer in headlights” effect on them.

5. Non-attachment and non-aversion. It takes quite a bit of spiritual practice to live in this space while they are hitting you with their tactics, but it can be done.

6. Last one I am going to mention here, though I could go on. Kundalini yoga. Very powerful. I subscribe to Yoga Download online for $10 a month and they have a ton of classes. I found these Kundalini classes that feature a specific breathing technique, and these classes raise your vibration and you feel high on life. One of the best things I’ve found for a quick fix or a great start to your day.

Thanks so much again for what you are doing. I would like to suggest a group visioning mediation once a week or once a month. There is a specific technique I know that is very powerful for creating a group vision that we could use to move forward with the goals of ending these persecutions and exposing the crimes and criminals.

God bless,


Time: August 21, 2017 at 10:36 pm

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