Defeating The Agenda

by Ortaine Devian Aug 21, 2017

“If The Matrix can be described as a giant pinball machine which is highly controlled to predict the future, then defeating it is rather trivial, albeit a very hard path to walk in life.  Don’t be a ball.  That is, if the paddles of this device are provocations, then if you cannot be provoked, you cannot be drawn into the game.  Thus, you forever remain unpredictable and the future is thus dark.  This is the path Ghandi:
Ghandi, was a major driving force behind the independence of India.  His ideology of non-violence and passive resistance meant that all the tools of an empire to achieve its goals broke down.  Before leaving, India and Pakistan were partitioned, leaving in place a pinball machine that could be leveraged for re-entry at any time.  A process Britain repeated across the world.  Original intended as agitation points, the empire crumbled and whilst problems remain in these regions, they are no longer exploitable.
Enter RNM into the picture, a solution which is learning how to control humans and now the ‘Ghandi Factor’ becomes less of a concern.  An Empire no longer needs to worry about people failing to be provoked, as it can physically hijack them and make them fight.  Not only this, but it can bias that fight to ensure a pre-determined outcome.  With little-to-no knowledge of RNM, or more importantly, a way to get into space to destroy it or technology to block its signal, then any resistance is clearly doomed from the start.  They would be mere actors on a stage, with their parts already scripted decades in advance.  RNM is currently closing in on this solution.  Once it does, this will be the general pattern for a while and, as absolute power corrupts, its only a matter of time before it brings out the worst.”

So the answer is not to Love Big Brother, the answer is to become neutral to stimuli. And how do you go about this? The way that I did it was using a martial arts technique called Mushin or “being of n mind” as briefly described here:

When I was first being targeted, I felt like I wanted to crawl out of my skin. I was looking for any relief I could find so I started going through my library searching for a solution. I found a paragraph on the subject in this book:

I began trying to apply the techniques and as soon as I did, the AI became very threatening which was only indicating to me that I was on the right track. Because I was under constant attack, I think it took longer to become proficient at – it took me about five years but then, I had no where else to go and no one was going to help me so it wasn’t like I had something else to do. I modified the technique to apply it to the situation but basically it works the same – it is gaining control over your own mind. I describe it like this:

In the natural world, keeping your perception open to stimuli in your environment is a survival tactic. There is no reason to limit your perception.

In a synthetic world where your senses are under constant attack, there is every reason to limit your perception. I went about it by imagining myself to be a single celled animal. My only concern was to eat, breath & expel. Other than that, I was oblivious to my surroundings. Of course things like walking across the street only at green lights still applied but as far as perception to survival, I perceived nothing. Zero. Zip. Zilch. Knock on the door but no one’s home. As I became more proficient at it, I slowly began to allow more perception to enter my awareness but only at my choosing. Any sign of attack and I shut it down. Over time, this became second nature until I reached the point that I no longer had to think about it.

Other methods that seemed to confuse the system:

Multi-Tasking Thought: Pick two or more subjects and bounce between them in mid sentence.

False Thoughts: Think of something that is ridiculously false and go over it in your mind as if it were true.

Spontaneity: Do thinks without any prior though. I doesn’t have to be grandiose. It can be as simple as picking up an object close to you for no reason or changing direction while walking. The less obvious the better as so not to draw unwanted attention. As quick as you envision what to do, do it.

One thought on “Defeating The Agenda

  1. Like the advice, especially the bit about the single celled amoeba, I can really see this working, and becoming second nature, just you got to be able to pull out of it as much with second nature as mentioned as and when the need arises !!!!!


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