Humor & Sarcasm & Healing Frequencies

by Ortaine Devian

Humor & sarcasm. This seems to be a weak point for AI, particularly sarcasm.

In Deep_Thoughts article, he mentions “Frequency Hopping Spread Spectrum” – so does Preston Nichols & Dr. Joseph Farrell in regards to brain entrainment:

It’s worth noting that this technology is also used in Wifi & BlueTooth.

Deep_Thought also mentions masers, which is a weaker form of lasers as a delivery system. Dr. Fred Bell briefly alluded to this in his interview.

I noticed when I was most heavily under attack a hypersensitivity to sound. At times I would wear ear plugs to muffle it. I began to use white noise rain signals to muffle it as well. This seemed to help a lot. I still do, it seems to break up FHSS signals.

These YouTube videos seems to imply the same:




Then there are healing frequencies:

“528Hz | Repairs DNA & Brings Positive Transformation”

639Hz, 432Hz, 936Hz, 852 Hz, 963Hz, 417Hz, 741Hz, 396 Hz

There is a free audio program for PC, Mac & Linus called Audacity. You can select frequencies, mix them with effects in whatever you find pleasing & save it to an .mp3 file. It also generates brown, pink & white noise which you can mix in with healing frequencies or use alone. I have an audio recording of rain that I mixed in low level white noise:

As far as blocking the frequencies, a guy with military intel told me the screen used in microwave ovens would stop it for sure, it’s a tight knit faraday cage but I haven’t had the finances to experiment with it.

I received a de-classified report from F. Peter Simmons who worked on the Hubble Telescope. It is a report on Tesla technology from 1978. I transcribed the section on mind control here:

That’s all for now, I’ll write you if I think of something else.


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