Coping Techniques

by Anonymous
I thought i might share some coping techniques:
1: love the perps or think of something that would make them look funny
I have been experimenting this myself, and I honestly believe this works. Initially it was hard. Eg the security guards at the hospital I work at act quite strangely when I am in the building.
I started thinking to myself when I saw them ” the wanker group”. This brings a smile to my lips, and I instantly feel better. Once I perceived the situation as being funny, I was able to sympathize with the guards, and think to myself, they are just following orders.
When you do this frequently , you build a wall around your emotions, how and what you react to.
I think this super computer collecting the brain wave data  really acts like ” Satan”. What ever pisses off The victim is amplified . When ones attention is focused on a particular thing ( created by any of the sense organs, ) there’s a certain brain wAve p300 or something generated. I seriously do not know the science behind, however this could be the wave they hack into.
But they are selective. They do not amplify happy reactions. If anything, they would sabotage the situation that makes you happy.
2: you touched on we live in a matrix. Yes I believe so. Well my believes are a little strange though. I believe we are born into a simulation created by the universe ( some call God), and every situation we experience is based on your past karma, not written in stone. We can mold the experience.  Etc Etc. anyway what this programme does is try to take you out of that universe created simulation in to one created by them.
Eg: I am heavily stalked and followed when driving, some having green or red p plates ( I call these the pussy group 🙀). They create heavy traffic jams and drive extremely slowly , idea is to again create frustration get your attention. When they drive slowly, I use reverse psychology . Rather than following them into their simulation they are creating, I drive at 30kph in a70 zone, which frustrates the perps behind me, and also I pull them into the simulation that I create. The whole idea is you are the creator of your experience rather than falling into the victim mode.
3: I am brutally raped and tortured and mutilated daily like everyone else. When the torture first started it was bad really really bad that my skin was scaling due to the high radiation and joints bubbling. So I started a daily email update to a minister in Australia. The intensity of torture has reduced, but there are days they cook me pretty badly. I was actually attacked with a concussion weapon when I was sitting in meditation on the first day of my 10 day vipassana course . They clearly didn’t want me to continue the programme.
4: I realised “love” is the only feeling they cannot touch, cannot sabotage. I am also noticing that one can change situations with this powerful emotion. Buddha did say ” only love is real”.  Most importantly, learn to love yourself no matter what. This beast of a programme tries its best to turn you into a beast.
5: extremely important: I don’t believe they can cause incontinence  just by the weapons. They must have a substance in the blood or urine which they can trigger to cause incontinence. Eg: my tap water was heavily contaminated – probably still is. I believe they contaminate the food water we drink with chemicals which carries molecules that absorb the radiation more easily. Please be careful of what you eat and drink.

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