Love deeply & have fun as much as possible!!

My name is Audra & I’m targeted 10years or more. I survived long list of symptoms all kind of health problems, other creepy experiments, gang stalking & unbelievable betrayals & now they wondering how I’m still alive, can use my brains & legs, coz since 11-16-16 I get intense electronic harassment 24/7 mostly brains, eyes & legs.

So life full of joy & surprises but good news is that perhaps something working what I’m doing for survival.

I starting my morning w short prayer still in bed. I’m completely isolated many years so, I’m learning to entertain myself. When get up I put on nonstop music mostly love songs, some make my soul & body move in free style dance, this is my breakfast making & eating time in trance dance & big help to move toxins from your body If u was cooked over night & most important put u in a better mood.

I’m sure we are very powerful divine beings so why they putting so much efforts to eliminate us & to get what is in our souls & minds to teach quantum computer our best qualities so, I think we can teach it unconditional love.

Our Power & way to survive is:

Unconditional Love- includes all best qualities of True Human Beings.


Unity & Joy.

My latest motto: Love deeply & have fun as much as possible!!

Very important every day in all possible ways to raise our vibrations to be far away from them lowest. I’m not expert, but I think we are scalar waves, we are highest-creation frequencies & they are lowest-destruction, like a garbage if u don’t clean contaminating everything, so why creator sending more & more pure divine souls to clean up this mess, but true human so pure & cannot even imagine disgusting things in those thugs minds, so why we are deceived since ages & ages ago, but now we know better & we have to open our minds, become wise & powerful overcoming our egos & recognize that we are deceived & it is not a shame it is wisdom, coz those stinkers are greatest masters of deception in all universe. We have to stop humble working for them gods & feeding them w our precious divine energy just to make them more powerful.

I created walking, talking, dancing, w energy works prayer- meditation, but is to complicated for me to explain right now, coz English not my native language.

I started it coz I get a little mad of so heavy chemtrails on our little village, to feel better & for protection & soon noticed that they are interested in this. I new they putting ideas in others heads so I was exited coz more people do this the better, but sad that whatever good they get reversing to bad just for them profit, already is video how good aliens dissolving chemtrials w ball of light.

Now I doing this not focused lightly just to feel better, but computer catching even my double thoughts.

I’d be happy if somebody smarter than me would think about how to do this without helping them to map our brains.

When I turn on my computer, first go on you tube:

1) Powerful Prayer For Everyday Miracles

2) You Don’t Own Me-Bette Midler, Goldie Hawn & Diana Keaton, this make me laugh out loud, playing at least 3X for all thugs & so called men who put me in this program.

3) Lauryn Hill, I Get Out.

I have lovely coding game w water & like walking outside barefoot.

people around me changing to better.

I love you all & wish you well& know that we are pure divine Infinite Love & we are the Power of Infinite Spirit of Love & so it is, trust me.

Peace, Love & Bliss to All.


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