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good news…you’re not crazy.

Someone complained to me once that she kept on hearing Kylie Minogue’s ”Can’t get you out of my head” the whole day. She tried to get rid of the singing voices but it kept on popping up in her head. In so many occasions, friends or acquaintances of mine will say, “I kept on hearing this song all day” or on occasions and while listening to a familiar song, someone will comment, “I hope this (the song) will not stuck in my head.” If you experience this several times followed by ringing in the ear (like tinnitus) and then you start hearing voices, talking to you, commenting, giving you instruction or worst, insulting and cursing you, don’t panic. Good news is, there is a big chance you are not crazy but a target by an unknown criminals.

Decades ago, when someone hear this person is “hearing voices,” he or she will assume this person is crazy, and suffering from schizophrenic episode, or worst, a delusional person possessed by evil. But now with the emergence of digital media and readily available information, I can say that if you hear voices, there are a big chance that you are not delusional or schizophrenic but maybe a victim of electronic harassment and mind control experimentations.

These instances are common when someone is being attack by voice to skull technologies. If you are reading this blog, you are probably a targeted individual and experiencing EH (aside from OS). Normally the attacks starts with ringing in the ear, mostly mistaken as tinnitus. If you are experimenting with ear plugs and also doing some breathing exercise to combat the relentless attacks, you will recognized the motor-like pulsating sound. Eventually, with patience and vigilance you will be able to recognize the signs and you will be able to distinguish your own thoughts from the external voices. The abusers on this phase will give you instructions or comments on what you are doing or thinking. This maybe a very low voice that may sounds like your own thoughts or sometimes just an out loud attacks.

Electronic harassments involves direct energy weapons (electromagnetic radiation), microwave hearing, voice to skull, computer hacking, and other harassments that involves electronics. The perpetrators can access your security alarm, air condition, heater, fridge, television, clock, cell phones, landlines and computer. Basically anything that has motor and electronics. They can change the display dates and clocks on your electronic appliances. They can re-programmed your computer and television programs. They can emit radiation on television or computer monitors. I came to believe that the harassments are broadcast globally. The perpetrators will do their very best to make you think that the harassments are a violation of  TI’s human rights which is by the way, is true. All to make you feel angry and frustrated. Counteract this, by using the broadcasting as a platform for your activism. Always think that people are not stupid, that there are still many decent and sane people out there. People who knows what is right and wrong. And people who still believe in human rights, freedom and decency. Although other “countermeasures” like white noise, colorbars and six radio tracks do works, targeted individuals can also use or play mp3 tracks about OSEH (organized stalking and electronic harassments) while the harassments are being broadcast globally. Targeted individuals will experienced physical threats verbally and through induced sounds. In my case, the induced sounds normally happened to me during the early hours of the morning, normally to wake me up. It also insinuate some sort of punishments imitating spanking or a blow in the head. At first I was bothered by this physical assault but I learned to bypass/ignore this. Another physical assaults are the “body attacks” using direct energy weapons. Targeted individuals will feel a pulse-like vibrations on the body. He or she will feel a sting followed by strong itchiness. Once he or she scratched the itchy area an unusual reddish “welt like bump” on the skins will appear. Also, an attack on eyes will have the same results with watery, red sore eyes.  Normally to induced tears with sad emotions.   On several occasion, targeted individuals will experience several hypnotic state while staring at computer monitor or anywhere. Targeted individual will notice and learn to snap out of this state eventually. Another symptoms of the attacks are shortness of breath or the feeling fo being choke while being attack on chest or neck. Follow my advice on my previous blog about health in reducing the results of these attacks.

Hearing is simply the act of perceiving sound by the ear. If you are not hearing-impaired, it simply happens. Listening, however, is something you consciously choose to do. Listening requires concentration so that your brain processes the meaning of words and sentences. Listening leads to learning ( In this description, treat voice to skull as hearing, it’s an unavoidable sound that simply happens. The sounds of an old door opening, the sound of the tree branches on a windy day, the sounds of creaky floors while walking. Voice to skull harassments doesn’t need your concentration, your attention, it doesn’t need your brain to process it, its nothing, and it’s meaningless. When it’s meaningless, you don’t have to listen to it. The perpetrators will harassed you by impersonating your own voice while reading. My elementary teacher thought me to “read with your eyes and not with your lips,” this tip are very true with targeted individuals. It will take sometime for someone to learn how to read with your eyes as we are trained to read with our mouth and the harassers’ technology relies on the sounds that’s coming from your mouth while reading. There are techniques that can distinguish your own voice to the perps.’ Learn to “slow-read,” ‘rewind or fast forward,” all while reading. You will see that they will loss their rhythm. Also, when you realize the perpetrators are reading way ahead of you, stop and let them read by themselves. When watching a movie and reading the end credits, stare at the screen, like looking at a blank screen and avoiding reading any letters or words. Let them read by themselves and you will see that they are useless without your vision or cooperation. Without you they can’t read! So take charge and take full control. Since sometimes you can’t stop them to read while you’re doing the same, take charge. Ignore them. You are the one who will decide what to read, how to read it (whether backward, forward, slow, or fast!), when to read it and where to read it! It’s your brain, own it! When targeted individuals are being harass using voice to skull or microwave hearing, the harassers used tailored harassment protocols. Use the “hearing vs listening” technique and take control of the protocols. Once you start hearing negativity, counteracts this with “Stop” button technique. Only positive thoughts will pass the door for processing. You only allow those thoughts that you wanted. Take full control what you wanted to think. You’re brain, you’re the boss. Without you they’re nothing. Without you they will not get their funding/income. So take charge.

If you hear voices that is distinctly not your own thoughts, ignore and do not participate! Whatever accusations, cursing, filthiness, nastiness the perps says, do not engage with then with any arguments! Do not give them any attention. Remember they are already getting paid and you’re not getting anything back except the physical and psychological harm. Since they are forcing themselves into you, do not give them anything more but stare and silence which is more than enough. Targeted individuals will experience microwave and ELF hearing everywhere including from electronic appliances, air vents and running water. Most of these harassments are based on harassment information gathered during the initial surveillance. These harassments are ongoing and called protocols. Targeted individuals will have two main voice to skull harassments. The first one is the voices that he or she can hear. The second one is the silent or low frequencies. Low frequency harassments are used to deceived targeted individuals, imitating his or her inner voice. Eventually, targeted individuals will be able to distinguish between the two and the harassments patterns. Used the hearing vs listening technique. Learn to listen to your own breathing when the harassments is becoming out of control. And remember to not participate no matter what. You will hear, “I told you so, he’s doing what I am saying,” or “He is following me!” or “Listen to me!” No matter what, ignore them, its your brain, your thoughts, own it! Take charge. Every targeting has the same blueprint: surveillance, noise campaign, mobbing, stalking, electronic harassments. The only difference is each individuals has its own personalities, life experiences and brain signatures. These differences are used with each daily harassments. In my case for example, microwave hearing/v2k harassments involves the use of people I know (whether personally or just the people I admire or abhor). The harassments can be a past events or imaginary. It can be a petty crimes of friends; forbiden anti-Christian sins of a relatives; my own intimate affair or sexual relationships of people I know; even my silly crush on celebrity! Also, another regular harassments includes imaginary unrespectful, vulgar sexual acts normally spewed on my ear involving famous politician or the local politician where I am living. All of these broadcast harassments are to elicit reactions from me. I believe that some are treating this harassments as some sort of entertainment and that no matter what the harassments are all about, everyone seems ok with this. The perpetrators are exploiting everyone including the elders, children, religions, several ethnic group, governments and its legislation inciting hatred, planting doubts and lies like these are just normal daily occurences.

As they will play with your emotions, they will use all possible tricks imaginable. They are mostly a bunch of bad actors! They will act and impersonate targeted individuals. They will beg for pity using dialogue familiar to targets. If targeted individuals likes movies, they will use movie lines taken from targeted individuals favorite movies. They will cry (normally asking for mercy) or shout (like he or she is asking for you to fight back), all rehearsed and seeking for target’s attention. Sometimes they will use other voices, the most common, a child or a group of children crying, laughing, or shouting. Again, all to get targets’ attention and to get him or her involve with their role-playing or scripts. Do not participate. Be aware of the silent impersonators who will imitate your own inner thoughts. Since this deceptive voice are impersonating you (most of the time these thoughts are commands), you have to ignore the audible follow-up harassments saying, “I told you, he’s following me!” Take charge of your thought, “your brain, your thoughts!” Don’t let criminal harassments be the focus of your daily routine. There is more in life than criminal harassment. Lastly, remember the most important advice I mentioned on my earlier blog, no matter what, whether the voices are audible or silent, DO NOT COMMIT SUICIDE.

With all the time and effort the perpetrators spends on you, do not think that they’re not getting anything back. They will create a perception that this is for “national security,” for “counter-terrorism,” or for ‘behavioral modifications.” All lies!  Unfortunately, the primary motive for this operations is money! Contracts being developed and paid. Companies and organizers profiting. Technician getting a decent income and other benefits. It’s all about making money, nothing else. All other are just a bonus. A few laughs there, a few entertainment here, but as the hype of having this technologies and the novelties attached to this died down, it’s all boils down to – everyone are getting something back, and that is money!

“Voices” on Running Water (Microwave hearing) – Targeted individuals will hear voices in running water in the faucet/shower, counteract this by not turning the faucet in full maximum capacity, reducing the sounds into minimum. This technique will reduce the soundwave coming from the running water and will also reduce the intensity of harassments (voices). One will also have to learn not to flush the toilet while still inside the room, do this before exiting so that you will avoid hearing the sounds of the water while the water tank is refilling. While taking shower, again, do not turn the shower in maximum level, minimize the running water into minimum, if you notice that the harassment (voices) are getting too intense even with the minimum level, wet your body so you can lather with soap then turn the water on, only when its time for you to rinse.  While you can minimize the sound coming from running water, I am still investigating how to prevent or minimize the harassment coming from air vents, microwave and fridge. You can turn this off as usual or put some insulation so that it will reduced the noise while its running  (Electronic Harassments).



The Voices In My Head? By Kathy Kasten (October 11, 1998) – Real time direct pulsing to the brain cortex via remote telemetry delivered from satellite based platforms, or possible subprojects of MKULTRA called Mensa and Scrabble Systems directly pulsed to the targeted brain cortex.


“Good morning, Kathy.” I woke with a start thinking someone was in my room. The voice was male, sounded tinny and from faraway, yet seemly immediately in front of me. The year was 1989. 1989 was a critical mass point for me. It was the year I decided to search for some answers to questions I had been asking for a long time. In the past, there had been telephone calls with a strange sounding voice – somewhat like the one I heard that morning in 1989. Other times, it was the same female voice over the telephone making vocal contact/a track check every third Tuesday of the month for many years. I would pick up the phone, and ask, “who’s there?” The same voice would answer that they had the wrong number. The wrong number for 10 years? I don’t think so. It sounded like a professional secretary; she did not sound like anybody I did/ever had known, except from the monthly telephone calls. There were forced entries while my daughter and I were away from our home for the day.


Personal items would be taken for a few days only to return mysteriously in another place in the house. After these events, young as my daughter was, she developed a very complicated system of filing away her favorite things. I emptied the refrigerator and shopped for our food daily. My family remarked on this behavior, but I began to think someone might be tampering with our food. All of the telephone calls and break-ins were, I felt, to intimidate my daughter and myself. After living for 11 years in the same house, it caused us to move several times before leaving Milwaukee, Wisconsin to come to California. I was ready in 1989 to determine who or what was the source of our harassment. My daughter, until the day she disappeared from my life, claimed it was “aliens/ETS” trying to make contact. We had a difference of opinion on the source. My opinion was based on the fact that her father performed microwave radiation experiments on me while I was six months pregnant with her. My thought was that someone was attempting to track the “product” of that experiment. That, and the fact that I had been, unwittingly and without foreknowledge, made privy to the plot to assassinate John F. Kennedy. The individual who did this had been involved with Clay Shaw and David Ferry in New Orleans, and been ordered out of the city by a Federal Judge just before New Orleans District Attorney Jim Garrison began his hearings. How did this guy and my paths cross?

He lived upstairs from us in Jackson, Mississippi for a short period of time during the Garrison hearings. So, my thought was that the harassment we were experiencing was politically motivated.

After 1989, my research into the matter of politically motivated tracking of targeted individuals (TIs) started in earnest. Now, however, the tracking took a new twist. Previously, it appeared that the “trackers” needed to be in close contact. After 1989, or perhaps even some years before, the nature of the tracking became more insidious, more difficult to collect evidence that it was taking place. I realized that some outside source was invading my subconscious, i.e., accessing me while I was asleep/in an altered state, usually around 2:33 A.M. I began to wonder what passed through my area with such regularity. A clock could actually time the phenomena.

Also in 1989, I was hired on to the staff of the University of California-Los Angeles’ Human Subject Protection Committee as staff liaison between the principal investigators and the committee. As part of my job, it was necessary for me to know the federal regulations governing human subjects. There was the real possibly that my daughter and I were/had been utilized in covert research by her father under a grant from the National Institute of Health. The very institution who was charged with human subject protection.

I continued my research of academic journals looking for the technological and psychological basis for what I came to know was called mind control. The scope of this technologyl/psychology was discussed in the 1977/78 Congressional Hearings about the project called MKULTRA. However, keeping an open mind, I also researched the so-called Roswell Crash. The anecdotal history of this “alien” spacecraft included beings. My research included three field trips to New Mexico after Don Schmitt, co-author with Kevin Randall of the “Crash at Roswell”, had canceled a joint field trip for the third time. Previous to my trips to New Mexico, there were several “altered state” contacts. These contacts became more pronounced and clear. Very specific males’ voices conveyed specific information via the “altered state” contacts. These males’ voices took on specific visual identities in the contact. Looking back on those altered state events, I would have to say that I was unwittingly introduced into what I have come to call synthetic telepathy – or more precisely electronically assisted remote viewing. Also, it was at this time that I was introduced to a female voice. During these “prep” session contacts, I was given the exact locations to visit in New Mexico – down to the name of a dirt road, physical attributes of the areas and exact times and dates of who I would meet. There was a message: “time for all this to come out”, delivered by the older male voice. From that point on, with relation to the field trips, information would be placed in my hands, people who I needed to help me, came into my life. I began to realize everything was too good to be by chance. However, I proceeded to play out the programmed scenario. This is exactly what I thought: “these are totally programmed events.” At the end of the New Mexican field research, I was amazed at find out how accurate the information was, very accurate. Whoever was operating behind the scenes had a lot of power to manipulate things.

Parallel with my research into the real events that played themselves out, starting in 1947 in New Mexico, was my ability to access academic journals at the various libraries at UCLA. After collecting what I thought was enough information, I wrote a book. I finished and forwarded it to a small publishing house. While waiting for their response, I was informed via synthetic remote viewing (SRV) that my daughter was in very serious trouble. Please remember I had not seen my daughter in many years. I had no idea what happened to her. Yes, there had been searches of hospitals, reports to missing persons section of the Los Angeles Police Department. We found nothing. The book I had written was an attempt to answer of the question of why she disappeared. There were several more SRV sessions culminating in a final event where I was linked to a male who was in the process of murdering my daughter. Direct contact.

I could hear his thoughts. You can imagine my reaction to this scene. I was promising I would find him, and all I would need was 5 minutes alone with him. To my surprise, I discovered this was a two-way communication. The guy heard me. I heard another voice telling to stop thinking about killing him or communication would be cut off. I awoke by bolting upright in bed with blood letting on my mind as the images faded. Everything had felt so real. I grabbed paper and pencil, and re-ran the scene over and over in my mind/play back mode, if you will. I made notes of everything I could remember. From these notes and replay, I was able to track down the very real scene in Kingsville, Texas where the murder had taken place. (This event became a segment on The Other Side which aired February 1995.) During my first trip to Kingsville, I found the possible cemetery where the murderer had buried the body. Standing over the very possible plot in the cemetery, exactly as seen in the SRV session, the murderer from the SRV session and I had a face-to-face confrontation. The rest of that story is now part of a book.

During 1995, my academic literature search proved to me that agencies of the U.S. Government and private academic institutions, plus private corporations, had the knowledge of how the human mind operated and the technology to perpetrate a massive black operation on TIs for the purpose of harassing them. The Presidential Commission of 1994/95 that looked into experiments involving unwitting human subjects proved that those agencies/institutions could and would move against individuals using insidious methods/programs. In 1995, I decided to make an appeal to the very agency that had taken an oath/were paid by the American taxpayers to protect human subjects – the National Institute of Health. Cited in my appeal were NIH’s federal guidelines and appropriate literature that supported the testimonies of ten courageous women. The packet of information was mailed to Donna Shalala, Secretary of the NIH, President Clinton and Vice President Gore. The documentation supported the concept of invisible house arrest of a TI. After mailing the packet, I was visited/under surveillance on a regular basis by black helicopters and something I can only refer to as “the stealth van.” At the time, I knew an ex-CEO of TRW (Huntington Beach California, not the credit checking organization). He seemed to know exactly what I was talking about, and claimed that it belonged to the Department of Defense and was based at El Toro Air Force Base – which to public knowledge was claimed to have been closed down. The gentleman also claimed that the van was used only during a presidential visit to the area, or at the direction of the president. I did notice a flash of light through the black tinted windows. I hope that President Clinton, or whoever, enjoyed the photo.

In addition to the sessions discussed above, there is at least twice weekly contact. The nature of this contact can be what I refer to as “ground track” or “aerial track” or attempted programming. The attempted programming has been one of the following: virtual reality scenarios are run via SRV to see how I will react; rather boring series of numbers and words/letters; very dryly presented seemingly mundane information sometimes taking the form of showing me a future event/ situation, and then watching how I will react (I assume these “staged” events are to check my reactions; and SRV sessions where I am utilized to “shadow” various people who are involved in clandestine tracking of world renown public figures or world events. These events are usually “fun” for me. A reward for good behavior during the tests?

I am not the only targeted individual (TI). As late as last week, I was in contact with two more people/TIs. How many times have I heard stories similar to my own? At least a hundred. Through other advocates of covert harassment, I know of hundreds more. Harassment is continuous for many of the TIs. Some of the advocates are dying. Daily tormented by the externally pulsed voices and electronic attacks to their bodies. I do not live in the “normal”/typical domicile in order to keep down the amount of harassment. There is the background memory of the days of living in the same house for 11 years, and remembering what an easy target I had made of my daughter and myself.

The truly sad thing is that there is no mental health profession who is not connected with what I call the “catchnet program” (professionals trained to collect information of outcomes of the various covert mind control research) willing to do the appropriate studies needed to help those TIs who require their help. (I understand there is a group headed by Pamela J. Monday, Ph.D. but I have not yet done a background check on the doctor. Therefore, I cannot in good conscience recommend her group.)

It is my hope that this article will motivate a “clean” (someone not connected with a catchnet study – and knows that they are not) mental health professional to do the research and make themselves aware of a population who are being subjected to electronic harassment via remote telemetry by signals pulsed directly to the brain cortex. Please know I am aware of the possible consequences to those professionals. They will be up against world government agencies/private corporations who do not ever want this information to become known to the world population. It’s still National Security, stupid..)




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Source: Articles by Kathy Kasten are available on-line. LA, CA


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