A Place Called Gratitude

Published on Mar 1, 2014

Heretic Productions present. Les Visible’s A Place Called Gratitude. From Visible Origami 2005 http://www.visibleorigami.com/2005/12… Gratitude changes you. It changes the cells in your body and makes you flexible and young. It neutralizes anger. Most people aren’t aware that depression is the result of turning your anger inward; turning it upon yourself. Most people also don’t realize that much of their anger comes from their sense of being denied something they insist upon having; whether that is an object, a world view, someone’s attention or their right of way on the way to whatever it is that they want or wherever it is they wish to be. Gratitude makes all of that unnecessary.
More than anything gratitude as a practice expands upon itself….Use this as a starting off place to explore practicing gratitude….

2 thoughts on “A Place Called Gratitude

  1. that was simply wonderful and so needed for me to find the who inside this body, that I have known to be full of love and wonder and joy. I miss feeling this everyday as I once did. You brought me back if only within the minutes of this short video. These are the tools that help us regain our power to change.


  2. thank you for posting these videos, they are helping me to trust you and the experiences that I am having. I have thought in the past that the only way around something, is to go through it. How to nip it in the butt, so to speak. A healthier part of me knows this is true and with the help of others I can only get stronger.


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