A meditation called Eiriu Eolas (Gaelic for “Growth of Knowledge”)

Offered anonymously

One technique that will be helpful to people is the meditation called Eiriu Eolas (Gaelic for “Growth of Knowledge”) developed by Laura Knight-Jadczyk. Through the breath, it stimulates the vagus nerve which is very soothing for traumatized people under attack. The meditation is offered for free online at https://eiriu-eolas.org

Steward Swerdlow teaches mental shielding techniques that I use daily, and used to teach my psychotherapy clients when appropriate. These mental techniques are simple and utilize the body’s chakra frequencies (color, shape, tone) to block and remove unwanted frequencies such as DNA programming, and mind control patterns. Over time, a person can learn how to deprogram themselves. I think Stewart Swerdlow would be of interest to you, as he was part of the black ops program called Montauk Project as a child and into his 20s. After years of being experimented upon (when many other children died) he had to recover his mental and physical abilities. He then began helping others deprogram. I highly recommend you contact him, investigate both his work and that of his wife Janet Diane Mourglia-Swerdlow who is a fine intuitive as well. https://expansions.com

Thank you for the work you do. The Techno Crime Team is awesome!


4 thoughts on “A meditation called Eiriu Eolas (Gaelic for “Growth of Knowledge”)

    1. I taught myself more than that as a teenager, in fact what I discovered was useful in the dream world and loved to use it there to either meditate or to break into lucid dreaming with deep strong slow breathing as a defence from what I know call DEW attacks.
      Sorry – I really hoped the material was better than it is, but if someone has never experimented with breathing exercises, okay this lady got the very basics and it’s a good place to start.


      1. Agree Brian, this is a very simple technique, but fabulous for folks who are new to any kind of breathing technique, easy to learn and I would guess very effective if practiced over time. Actually I think there are deeper associations to this than would seem at first glance…Also so nice that for those whose belief systems prevent them from being open to trying things that seem to be opposed to their spiritual beliefs, this one does not incorporate necessarily any religious connotations associated…except maybe the prayer at the end with the meditation….but folks could always substitute their own meditation at the end.


      2. I agree, there is always some thing useful to make our own and also typically some thing to discard. Seems to me since typically TI are the majority of the viewers here, I do expect a high percentage of functionality to come out of all this information in the long run. And since the TI’s are in good enough numbers here, I expect that long run to be rather short. This community has won the war so to speak in my opinion…


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