Classic Meditation CD is the original recording and recommended

Published on Aug 16, 2014

This free guided meditation exercise was recorded in August 2014. It is an abridging of Roy’s full-length, enhanced exercise, perfected since 1960 in Los Angeles. Roy has been teaching people how to overcome their problems with stress, fear, and pain since the sixties. He is America’s longest-running radio host, and at 87-years-old, still hosts his nightly show, Advice Line, five days a week. Roy Masters originally referred to his technique as an “Observation Exercise”, rather than a meditation. The guided meditation (observation exercise) teaches the listener a simple and unique method that can have a profound impact on emotional problems and mental health issues, like stress, anxiety, anger/rage, and addictions to smoking and alcohol. If you find this short video to be of use to you, the extended “Be Still & Know” exercise is recommended. It is available at and
From a contributor:

easy to recommend for all types
Roy Masters 
very simple form of meditation

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