A few things that have helped me a lot over the years:

Hi My Dear Friends,


I was a student of “yoga” in the Los Angeles area. These folks are American and looked like normal people. Their faces grace the magazines of popular yoga. I thought that the techniques they were teaching me were part of yoga and that they really cared for me. They used music while my mind was open from practice to pass messages (popular songs). I thought I was becoming a “yogi”. They also used different colored shirts and sometimes they had messages on them. When they started pressuring me to bring my kids to events, I then saw the full picture, that these people are trafficking women and children in a sex network. They promote this as being about “all one love”, equating “love” with sex and transcendence through the kundalini. They told me I was “not a yogi” if I had a definite picture of “right and wrong” which is “of the mind”.


When I began to resist and left them for good (5 years ago). The harassment really started. These people were only a small portion of a larger sex trafficking network here in LA. These people appear to be members inside of all kinds of organizations. They, I believe, are the illuminati. They are supreme gaslighters and mind controllers. They have threatened to kill me and my family many times. But I know that the real God, the one I touched into deeply with my yoga practice is alive and well. I could not sell out the beauty, dignity, and wisdom that I found as a result of my practice. In the Dhammapada (and many great works of spiritual guidance), it clearly states that you must not commit actions against your conscience even at the peril of yourself or loved ones. This is the key. All this evil is built a pair of hands at a time. If I were to submit to these people and allow the sex trafficking of underage children to protect my family, my hands would build another brick in this wall and another child somewhere would become a victim – as well as my entire genetic line. The more participating hands the wider and more corrupt it gets everywhere. So I took my stand. Evil is a voluntary compliance system and I and my family are well today. They bluff. They gaslight, spit, spy on all my communication, follow me around town, BUT IF I DO NOT REACT THEN I WIN.


I have become, on occasion (this morning for one), a victim of my own anger. These people know my buttons and love to push them. There have been times where I have yelled at them. For example, a guy at the side of the road this morning was stalking me (wearing my 14 year old daughters clothes – they want her in their group so badly). He carried a phone and a briefcase. I had been having a super hard week of epic stalking and I went up to him and yelled “NO. UNDER NO CIRCUMSTANCES.” This, of course, is how they defeat me. With my own justified anger.  Now I look crazy and this guy has plausible deniability. I have sometimes handed out little cards explaining what these people are doing to me, THEY HATED THIS – IT MADE THEM MAD. That helped back them off for a time. A lot of these people are immigrants and don’t speak English so I wrote the cards in Spanish. All I have to do is mention that the people they work for are into the sex trafficking of underage children. There are a lot of hard criminals who will even take a hard line and refuse that.



A few things that have helped me a lot over the years:

  1. Stay away from caffeine, alcohol, and medications when possible
  2. Take L- theanine (a natural anti-anxiety amino acid)

I take up to 800mgs on a bad day.

  1. Keep fit and exercise (despite the gangstalkers at the gym)
  2. Get a good night’s sleep
  3. Have supportive family around you and hug them often
  4. Read inspiring spiritual works (I like the Tao Te Ching)



One last thing, they use music a lot with me. When I go into certain grocery stores the music will be played for me (usually very demeaning and about how I do not know how to love and I will get revenged upon for refusing their “love”).  I believe this is a system of an electronic network that follows me around the city. The “random” play button on the ipods is not “random”.


They seem to want to force people’s hands into evil but it is our choice always to participate or not. They mess with people’s minds. These four songs have really helped me, sometimes I play them over and over:


  1. As by Stevie Wonder
  2. I am Mine by Pearl Jam
  3. Crossroads by Tracey Chapman
  4. Hunger Strike – Temple of the Dog



Stay strong my dear friends, thank God for you. You refused to participate in this horrific evil and I thank you from the bottom of my heart.


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