This 1st person tactile exercise will help you defend yourself from DEW

Contributed by Brian Wilcox. Please visit his website to hear his audio recordings here:

Track #1: Dialog begins with…
The meaning of Museum as I call it is the “Babylonian money magic economic war machine” as a whole.

This 1st person tactile exercise will help you defend yourself from DEW. And I know this sounds a little far out, but so does the fact D.E.Ws exist. To a NON experiencer this notion of mind control as a corporate exercise is like drinking the electric cool-aid and believing what ever you want to believe. Yet I myself have never believed in anything, that type of chemical reaction isn’t of any use to me because I put all my weight in experience. After all these decades of abuse gaining experience, I would like to share with you some useful defenses. This meditative or hypnotic like walk threw will allow you to realize how easy it can be to defeat the DEW criminals in real time! Make no mistake in dismissing this information if you are already a TI, you will likely be tortured your entire life by criminals like I have. Because I knew this worked 20 years ago and didn’t realize how to apply it more realistically and thus didn’t master it. And yes the torture continued until I came to rediscover the fact, I can defend myself with a single mental command or trigger(s). Also if you experience heart pains or a run away heart speed from DEW, you can just dismiss it and your heart beat will reset normal, in fact one can get so good at this that it will be automatic and can reset the heart in 3 fast beats or better!

-3- Get in a comfortable position
-3- relax
-3- breath deeply
-2- easily
-5- watch your breath as you breath
-5- feel your heart slowing down
-3- it may synchronize with the ticking of a clock
-3- that’s perfectly fine
-3- & easy to do
-5- breath in deep & easy
your leaving the outside world as it is
-3- a museum
-3- there is no museum inside of you
-3- no other mental programs are worth running now
-3- just listen simply
-3- expect nothing & you will not be disappointed
as you breath effortlessly
-3- go beneath your words
-3- beneath your stories
-3- beneath your tensions
-3- breath in & out with ease
-5- as you breath out
-3- the museum’s gravitational attractions
-2- weaken
-3- weakens to the point of nothing
-3- nothing about the museum is real
-3- the only thing left is vibration
-3- frequencies & tones

* If “nothing about the museum is real” is taken seriously, the current visualizations going on, can get kicked out! In other words the mind just told the pineal gland it’s not day time any more. Thus the pineal functions may begin to kick in with pops, cracks, snapping sounds & more.

breath in & out
-3- deeply relaxed
-3- so relaxed
-3- the multiverse is electric & so are you
-3- you are beginning a journey of feeling
-3- back to source
-3- beneath your words
-3- beneath your stories
-3- beneath your tension
-3- is vibration

* Rather than goto into my mental jitter vibration example walk threw. I think it is best to allow the listener to experience a deeper level of what they may have already come across in life – moments of clarity. They may not even realize they ever had clarity or peace of mind, as it’s likely going back to childhood and maybe they don’t even remember. So what is next takes the listener into the body electric as a 1st person experience – that becomes “pray rain” with a twist of “impact lights” that I have enjoyed in the past.
(other examples like smell the mirror may come later)

allow your mind to listen to frequencies
-3- tones & vibrations
-3- these frequencies can travel into the body
-3- allow these vibrations to fill your body
-3- enjoy feeling these frequencies
-3- vibrations
-3- in & around your body
-3- waves of vibrational energy
-3- coming & going in strength
-3- your body electric feels
-3- stay with these sensations
-3- this sensation is your defense from DEW
-3- connect the mental word “defense”
-3- to the vibrations you are feeling
-3- on command you can now feel with a single word
-3- defend
-3- feel your energy rise
-3- it matures in strength like a wave
-3- this may feel to many like Qi Gong or Healing Hands
-3- as long as you can feel on command
-3- you are ready for the next layer
-3- of this 1st person tactile experience
-3- use this defense when ever you feel a pain
-3- an itch or discomfort
-3- head aches, muscles pains
-3- any thing that normally triggers you
-3- defend
-3- it’s your tool of real time discernment


* At this point the experiencer has actually achieved TOTAL interference with most DEW weapons in my experience. The “jitter vibration” I talk about is identical with-in the mind rather than the body, as the mind can be taught very quick while being tortured and then the defenses become automatic but also easy to “force forget” when DEW criminal groups are keeping that defense from working. So please feel the fun of “pray rain” and feel how it effects the real time torture as the effects are slower, but teach the same lesson in a more playful way as we all know what a shower or rain feels like, but here we are pushing it a little further.

Track#1 Ending
your wonderful body is feeling
-3- vibrational sensations
-3- that defend on command
-3- gives way
-2- to playful patterns of rain
-3- feel the rain
-3- smell the rain
-3- hear the rain
-3- feel the temperature of the rain on your skin
-3- your body feels wet
-3- your feet might even feel like they are standing in mud
-5- as the rain impacts it create light
-3- stay feeling this rain
-3- enjoy the rain vibration










Track #2:
* Next comes a consciousness shift that the DEW criminals have as a whole have been guarding from us TI’s, as the criminal empire doesn’t want us catching on to the fact we are all spiritual or vibrational beings rather than the dead Person(s) they claim us to be by Name. The next mental exercise allows TI’s to get a hint of the power of heart space and that consciousness has a location, a location from which truth speaks from, and a conscious shift can happen when tracking this location in real time.
* There for how much energy does it take to defend the body like “Pray Light Rain” or “Qi Gong – Healing Hands” vs a conscious and unconscious focus onto some thing like a mirror? Where the mirror is like a gravity well or portal of interest, this is the attraction for what will seem like being awake while sleeping. How many time have we all listened to our selves snore and asked, am I asleep? And the truth to that is, you have shifted consciousness and basically are out of body but your not aware of that yet, only because your sharing the same location as the body because you don’t know you can move yet or the fact your eyes are not open – so close them again for the 1st time. This is where the slave language that we are programmed with ends, as we are now moving into the multi-verse where 2 bodies or more exist.
First the physical body and then the vibration being as a body to keep this simple. This only confuses individuals that have no idea that they the name of the Person they have been told they are, is only a fraudulent deadman reference on paper, to control a living physical body with words. The DEW groups are actually controlling consciousness because this is a war upon that being which only few see. A spiritual war that can be won against these horrific weapons of many groups of stupidity. So if you have command of your vibrational defenses, and lucky enough to have witnessed these effects against DEW first hand in real time, your more than good enough for this next fun step.

Dialog starts here for Track #2:
You have command of your defense
-3- get in a comfortable position
-3- breath deep and easy
-3- defend yourself
-3- your being is inside your body
-3- you are obligated to defend your body
-3- call your body vibrations to come forward with ease
-3- no programed blockage is allowed to take place
-3- feel all that you are able to feel
-3- breathing deep and easy
-3- defend again
-3- no slave story
-3- no slave words
-3- no tension
-3- when you find it easy
-3- to defend yourself with every breath
-10- listen to your heart beat
-3- each beat synchronize
-3- with your defense
like waves on an ocean
-3- each defensive pulse creates waves of light
-3- the colour you see or feel or hear etc is perfectly fine
-3- brightly defending yourself
-3- automatically with each heart beat
-3- as you pulse and glow
-3- bathing in waves of light
-3- breath deep and slow
-5- no story
-3- no words
-3- no tension
stay with your heart cuing your defense
-15- you may find this focus loop
-3- can run while you sleep
-3- you may find that you
-3- drop into lucid meditation
-3- or a lucid dream with ease
-3- or you may vibrate yourself OBE
-3- breath deep and easy
-3- again you have another tool
-3- a stepping stone
-3- to always defend
-3- aware of consciousness
-3- knowing your defense
-3- will go into heart space
-3- spend as much time here
-3- as needed to master
-3- and heal

One might find at times being targeted with DEW’s, that they are unable to get into a visual state. Qi Gong has been helpful for me as this allows another way to release energy blockages that may or may NOT be yours in the first place. When I say words like healing hands, I don’t just mean in the classic Chinese method as hands on healing, with a group focused on one dis-eased individual. Healing hands as a remote broad casting sense, in other words it’s useful to use someone you know that isn’t well, someone’s energy signature you are familiar with like a loved one. Take that individual that needs help and place them into a 1st person tactile experience of your visual choice. The scale of your energy body vs their body doesn’t matter, but you may find it easier to scale them down to what might be them in an egg shell of energy, a place of beginning without any programs – a place of protection, balance. Most people will not go that abstract, but will rather do as they are used to perceiving in the museum, they will see and FEEL their energy bodies hands on the injured party. This type of visual is calmly stayed with and will bring up images easier and faster than anger. This hands on type of remote visual healing can be a great practice to use, even if your only trying to work around visual suppression.
NOTE: sensitive people do know when you send energy, but not everyone will except it and that’s fine too.







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