Some things that helped me at the worst point of my targeting

By Rebecca Spencer

Thank you so much for presenting this forum. It is common for TI’s to be gaslighted by mental health professionals so that is why it is so wonderful that you are truly helping those in this situation. I have enjoyed your videos immensely. I noticed a comment on one of your videos from a Christian who expressed they could not feel comfortable using yoga or Eastern methods, etc., so I decided to write some things that helped me at the worst point of my targeting. First I’ll give a little background. In the beginning, when I first noticed my targeting, they did what I have heard called a “deep dive” on me. That is an intense, military style assault and monarch programming. The neighbors surrounding me began to either sell their homes or simply go away and other people would show up living there. Three houses closest to me changed hands at the same time. I would see cars parked at the entrance of the subdivision whenever I would leave or return. I began to notice military tags, mostly Navy. The new folks were strange and looked like what you would think military or law enforcement would look like. My first memory of being followed was at a park. My first actual encounter of “street theater” was when a woman actually came up to me in a store and growled at me. Yes, that is what I said. I was so shocked I was speechless. They descended on my home and started a noise campaign and began what they call “brighting”. They would shine intense lights through the windows. If I was in the car, they would flash headlights. They escalated in to more and more outrageous things of which I won’t list. But I have seen things that many people would have a hard time believing. I have seen advanced technology and capabilities that I never would have believed. They are many years ahead of what the average person knows about. Anyway, after months of this, some of the harassment team moved out and since then I have had what I call regular gang stalking and harassment. In the process of my “treatment”, I became mentally tortured with monarch programming. I have to say at that time my diet was horrible. I have multiple sclerosis so my health is general was bad. It so happened, that I had to have help with house cleaning and one of the ladies the agency sent was a Godsend. She, I believe was also targeted. She was a Chemistry major who lacked a couple of credits graduating because she had contracted Lyme’s disease which affected her cognitively. She had recovered somewhat and had taken a temporary job cleaning homes. She and I became fast friends and she helped me get better physically. I had just about given up and was content to just lie down wait to die. With the Lord’s help, I made a conscious decision to move toward “light”. I eliminated meat from my diet. My friend, with her knowledge, helped me detox heavy metals from my body. My diet now is strictly organic and vegetarian. I renewed my relationship with my Creator. It was not easy to climb out of the abyss, but I was determined. I made up my mind to move in the direction of gratitude even if it was only an inch at a time. I began praying the Psalms. When I was being keep up all night and sleep deprived by the attackers, I would pray the Psalms and meditate on Christ. I found the voice of Christ all through the Psalms. I cried floods upon floods of tears. I made a list of anyone who had hurt me in my life and anyone I had hurt. I prayed over and forgave each one and released any anger, resentment, bitterness, jealousy, etc. that I was holding on to. So much came up that I didn’t even realize I had stored. And most important, I forgave myself for anything and everything. This is what broke the programming. I understand now that the gangstalkers and this program vibrates on the level of fear and if you have anything stored in your body that resonates on a low level it makes the programming work. I have learned to “ground” myself. You see, you have to consciously occupy your body fully. If not, you are prey to the distractions of the mind. You have to “claim the land” that God has promised to you. This means claims your space, feel your body from the inside, and not be captive to every thought that passes through your mind. Also, don’t try and avoid the harassment. Experience fully and recognize it for what it is. It is an experience that is passing through your awareness. Nothing more. I have learned to sleep like a baby and actually enjoy the silly noise campaigns. When you realize that noise is just moving air you can begin to hear the space that surrounds it and is within it. When you welcome and forgive all that comes within your awareness you notice all of life, not just the annoyance of the gangstalkers. And when you welcome even them and treat them with compassion and love, they are profoundly affected. I view life on a quantum level now and make every effort to stay present. I hope this in some way is helpful to Christians who are leery of new age methods. God bless you and your work!!!

One thought on “Some things that helped me at the worst point of my targeting

  1. I love your story, it’s ripe with moving forward in now time and you figured out how the mind does become still. The DEW crew that works on me hate when I become still, and it’s childish how they decided to make your mind busy etc. It also seems you have a method that works while you sleep, let me know if I am correct or not?
    Part of your story tells me you might have seen the holographic side of the DEW tech at home or mixed into street theatre, just wondering if this is the case or was it the hit and run time line stuff that always comes with a thick fog? Just a hunch…


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