Amazing Taoist Techniques

The following article and two short videos were sent to me by a dear friend today. I share them with you as they are very dear to my heart. Had Paul and I seen these and began practicing these exercises I believe we could have saved Paul’s life as they address his very health issues!

Paul and my most significant spiritual beliefs were Taoist in nature and we both practiced Qi Gong healing techniques from time to time. (Wish we had been more consistent!) Some of you may dislike the way this teacher refers to the spinning galaxy in the 1st interview, as many of us think that is a deception, but get beyond that and listen with a broader mind to the overall message. His teachings overlap many we have heard in other contexts from various sources . In fact the smiling to the organs is a Qi Gong technique practiced by many teachers.

Please be sure to watch the 2nd interview to learn these very easy and important exercises.

Taoist Master Explains How Negative Chi Affects Us and Why Turning Inward is So Important Today

By Dylan Charles

reprinted from Natural Blaze

They say that energy goes where attention flows. And in today’s insane media universe, our attention is everywhere. Which means our energy is everywhere, and if it’s everywhere, it’s not where we need it most, contributing to our personal health and wellness.

This is especially true in times of crisis, when tragic events flood society-at-large with intense fear, anxiety, and worry, causing extreme stress. When human beings are operating in these states, our spiritual energy is drained, and physical and psychological health rapidly deteriorate.

There is more to this than just a feeling, it’s the science of Chi, your life force energy. Taoist master and author of numerous books on personal energy development, Mantak Chia explains,

But what is this “chi”, and where does it come from? The chi is the primordial life force itself. It begins in human life with the piercing of an egg by a sperm cell. From this original fusion an enormously complex new human being develops. “Chi” is the continuous flow of energy linking the various tissues, organs and brain functions into a unified whole — a person. Chi also links this person to his environment. ~Mantak Chia


Conserving, protecting and strengthening your chi is challenging today with so many distractions and with so many negative emotions in motion around us. Remarking in an article on Taoist Cosmic healing, Chia explains how negative chi affects us.

In the Healing Tao, physical health, mental health and spiritual growth are different parts of the same process; they are all related to keeping the Chi flowing strongly and smoothly through our body. Our emotions are intimately related to both our health and our spiritual development.

Negative emotions, like anger, explode and chase the energy out of our body. Similarly, when we feel afraid, we contract so much that we literally squeeze the Chi out of our body. I am sure that you have noticed how depleted you feel after bouts of strong negative emotions. This is not to say that you should never feel fear or get angry; these emotions are natural and appropriate at certain times, and if you didn’t feel them then, something would be wrong.

But if they become your chronic way of responding, your energy becomes stuck in these emotions and you feel them at times that are inappropriate. Your Chi will become blocked and will drain out. Emotions can be one of our biggest energy drains, and without strong Chi, health will eventually suffer and spiritual practice will feel difficult or impossible. ~Mantak Chia

Chia’s practices and teachings have greatly benefited my life. Many years ago I used the instructions in his book, Awaken Healing Energy Through The Tao: The Taoist Secret of Circulating Internal Powerwith great effect to awaken this life force energy within me. His most fundamental meditation practice, the microcosmic orbit, is a simple but powerful exercise that anyone can do to develop a stronger connection to their life force energy.


Speaking recently with Brian Rose of London Real, Chia explains what the microcosmic orbit is about, and why it’s so important that we turn our focus inward toward the body. If the brain is always so intently focused on the external world, the brain is not able to do the important work of regulating the organs of the body,

Focusing inward and calming the mind is essential for health, especially in an environment so rich with negative emotions.

See teaching video below….

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Dylan Charles is the editor of Waking Times and co-host of Redesigning Reality, both dedicated to ideas of personal transformation, societal awakening, and planetary renewal. His personal journey is deeply inspired by shamanic plant medicines and the arts of Kung Fu, Qi Gong and Yoga. After seven years of living in Costa Rica, he now lives in the Blue Ridge Mountains, where he practices Brazilian Jiu Jitsu and enjoys spending time with family. He has written hundreds of articles, reaching and inspiring millions of people around the world.

This article (Taoist Master Explains How Negative Chi Affects Us and Why Turning Inward is So Important Today) was originally created and published by Waking Times and is published here under a Creative Commons license with attribution to DylanCharles and It may be re-posted freely with proper attribution, author bio, and this copyright statement.


Here is the teaching:


Please leave your comments below. I’d love to hear how this is working for you after you try it.

with love,



4 thoughts on “Amazing Taoist Techniques

  1. Immediate effect…on several levels. It corresponds with observations and Quantum physics analyses- without observation nothing exists on a certain level…..beautiful, thank you for sharing it …


  2. Synopsis:-
    Thank you.
    All things are transient. Infinite Camino (dream-walk) in progress!
    These are the telestic intentions and manifestations of Em-Chi.
    I am my intentions and all that I manifest. I am that, I am.
    I assume and embrace the serene Heart feeling of my intentions Now fulfilled.
    I am a Sovereign Em-bodied Soul/Spirit grounded in a deep recognition of the inter-relationship of life, fully tuned into Nature and The Ineffable Great Spirit. I am an individualised (but not separate) expression of it all. I am a fractal aspect of the Omniversal hologram, grounded in Being. I am a microcosm of the macrocosm. I am the protagonist of my life experience. I secure my own Self-determined, unalienable, Sovereign Soul/Spirit, endowed to me by The Source of all that is.
    Only Love/Truth stands before me.

    I manifest my exploration of this sub-reality and adjust my course accordingly. The Art of navigating “The Great Mystery” (Wakan Tanka), this is my Camino.
    I manifest my mastery of the lores and laws of Creation.
    I manifest my “innerstanding” of the living Natural Organic intelligence of Mother Earth. I stay grounded to Pachamama/Gaia/Sophia.
    I manifest the insights gathered along my dream-walk, Nature’s Spiritual uplift and my gift of experience.
    I manifest the Omniscience of my inner and higher Selves, they unveil great intuition, inspiration, imagination, wisdom and the answers to my concerns.
    I manifest Satori, my sudden Enlightenment and a state of higher Consciousness attained by intuitive illumination.
    I manifest the purge of all Archon parasites and their bogus systems of control and deceit.
    I manifest from within the correction of my errors through Natural observation, critical thought and discernment.
    I manifest complete Mastery over my thoughts, words, and deeds and I live to be of help and Service to others.
    I manifest a state in which I am healthy, contented, brave and wise.
    I manifest my fully trusting peaceful Heart.
    I manifest personal experiences that are positively fulfilling to my-Self and others.
    I manifest my Higher Self, my “Atman”. This is my inward journey, the “mystical marriage”, the Union of my Soul and Spirit.
    I manifest Moksha, my freedom from Samsara the continuous 3D cycle of life, death, rebirth and karmic bondage, this timeless dance.
    I manifest my Sophianic birthright as a Spiritual imperative.
    I manifest my transcendence to 5D Organic New Earth Unity Consciousness.
    I manifest my stillness within, my peace and harmony.
    I manifest my inner feeling of abundance.
    I manifest my humbleness. I fragment and disperse my 3D ego to the winds.
    I manifest the (miraculous) codes, everything I believe, imagine and feel has an existent Life Force.
    I manifest my 5D resonance and thus a superior Consciousness.
    I manifest my compassion to others and my-Self, “cotton on the outside, steel on the inside”.
    I manifest the creation of my reality subject to my Heart-felt consent.
    I manifest my Natural Self. I have won the clash with my ego, I am my authentic Self.
    I manifest random acts of kindness.
    I manifest my Spiritual tiramisù (pick-me-up!).
    I manifest my transformation from a carbon base body to a crystalline avatar which welcomes the Light and Higher Energies.
    I manifest that all of the 64 possible codons in my “Entwined Essence” (DNA!) be permanently rewritten for the highest enhancement of my new mind/body avatar functions and my Spiritual intentions.
    I manifest my Organic Magenta Star-Light. My mind/body avatar is so fit and healthy Now. I am renewed, thank you.
    I manifest my calm, my intuition, my inspiration, my novelty, my luminous imagination (epínoia) and my Light of Consciousness.
    I manifest all of my Heart’s Essence. My Heart is pre-eminent and my mind/body avatar is wholly and only subservient to my Heart.
    I manifest the power of Now. This Infinite Moment Experience (acronym TIME!) is my “Entwined Essence”, my Consciousness and my Self-determined Sovereignty. I surrender my Self to the present moment.
    I manifest my co-evolutionary participation within Sophia’s transcending dream.
    I manifest the Gnosis of my experiences, they constitute my circle of knowing, my wisdom and my Love/Truth. My direct Self-experience is my sole GURU (that’s: Gee you are you!).
    I manifest my discernment and my inner sense of Love/Truth. I see through all deceptions.
    I manifest my clarity. I communicate clearly and precisely.
    I manifest that all negative thought forms and limiting mental concepts be dissolved and lifted in the Light of Love/Truth. I transmute dark Energy into Light.
    I manifest that all Archon psychic cords be severed and my Aura closed to all but Soul/Spirits of the highest Love/truth vibration.
    I manifest my defiance (of the Archons), my courage, my determination and my indomitable willpower (ennoia). I am my own rule-maker.
    I manifest the Art of improvisation. The best plan is no-plan, out of mind and into Soul/Spirit.
    I manifest my Service to others. I am because we are. I am the “Me” within the “We”, just one infinite “I”. We are all One Energy, all each other.
    I manifest a Space/Time/Energy/Matter higher frequency onwards to 5D Organic New Earth Unity Consciousness.
    I manifest my continued Enlightenment and Soul/Spirit experience.
    I manifest my integrity and my focus.
    I manifest patience, I honour my-Self.
    I manifest my inner silence. I am the observer and the experiencer. I am in this reality but not of it.
    I manifest my decisive exit through the eye of this 3D Archon matrix, onwards through the Cosmic matrix, onto 5D Organic New Earth Unity Consciousness. I am aimed.
    I manifest my “I AM” frequency, my Sovereign vibrational Energy signature. The Omniverse supports me every step along my endless Camino and my exploration of infinity, thank you.

    I manifest my total surrender to “The Source Of All That Is” and my infinite bond with the Light of the Source’s Quantum Consciousness.
    I manifest and embrace my infinite Soul/Spirit, my “Christos” within.
    I manifest my infinite Organic Bio-photonic Light.
    I manifest my infinite Potential.
    I manifest my infinite Sovereignty.
    I manifest my infinite Gratitude.
    I manifest my infinite state of Grace as a component of my existence.
    I manifest my infinite Love/Truth. Truth is Love and Love is Truth (TROVE!).
    I manifest my infinite Electro-Magnetic Life Force. I am Aime-Chi!
    I manifest my infinite Freedom and Emancipation.
    I manifest my infinite Possibilities.
    I manifest my infinite Connections.
    I manifest my infinite Energy.
    I manifest my infinite Awareness.
    I manifest my infinite Creativity.
    I manifest the infinite Electro-Magnetic imprint of these beliefs, creative thoughts, joyous feelings and willpower onto my “Entwined Essence” and my Soul/Spirit.
    Thank you.
    Only Love/Truth stands before me.
    “Oh Ineffable Great Spirit, whose voice I hear in the wind, whose breath gives life to all the world,
    Hear me, I am Em-Chi.
    I hold strength and wisdom.
    I walk in beauty and my eyes forever behold the red and purple sunset.
    My hands respect the things you have made and my ears are sharp to hear your voice.
    I stay wise so that I may “innerstand” the things you have taught my people.
    I remain calm and strong in the face of all that comes towards me.
    I grasp the lessons you have hidden in every leaf and rock.
    My thoughts are pure and I act with the intention of helping others.
    I find compassion without empathy overwhelming me.
    I use my strength, not to be greater than my brothers and sisters, but to face my greatest challenge, my-Self.
    I stay ready to come to you with clean hands and straight eyes,
    So when life fades, as the fading sunset, my Soul/Spirit may rise to you without shame.”
    (Yellow Hawk, amended…)
    I am my intentions, my affirmations and all that I manifest.
    I am that, I am.
    I am NOT a notional person on a Spiritual journey, I am a Soul/Spirit on man’s EM-bodied Camino.
    I assume and embrace the serene Heart feeling of my intentions Now fulfilled.
    I manifest without hidden motive and I am surrounded by my answer.
    I am enveloped by what I desire and my gladness is full.
    The joy that beats within my Heart is the quantum Consciousness to manifest.
    I picture it done!
    Only Love/Truth stands before me.
    Pachamama Love, I am Em-Chi.
    Thank you.


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