The Pinecone Utopia Portal was created by the founders of Pinecone Utopia, who host a YouTube channel by the same name, home to the World Beyond Belief podcast series, The Techno Crime Fighters Forum, and a series of mini documentaries under the rubric of pineconeutopia presents, as well as a research blog called simply PineconeUtopia  where we share an assortment of topics we personally have looked into along with our other creative works.

This blog is divided into three parts, Research, Techniques and taped Discussions. The research area includes an open-source area where techniques already employed by the Selected can be logged, commented on and expanded upon by others. Submission of techniques can be made through pineconeutopiaportal@gmail.com . The Techniques area houses a depository of approaches; some old, some new and some yet to be tried. Teaching modules are included in this area. The Discussions area includes an archive of live taped recordings of a pod cast entitled “Surfing the Portal” and other talks in which techniques and concepts related to the escape from torture are considered.

Our intention is only to offer support and relief from suffering, and point those who care to share in this journey in the right direction as we see it… We are learning together with your help.

Thank you for visiting our portal. Please come back often.