A meditation called Eiriu Eolas (Gaelic for “Growth of Knowledge”)

Offered anonymously One technique that will be helpful to people is the meditation called Eiriu Eolas (Gaelic for “Growth of Knowledge”) developed by Laura Knight-Jadczyk. Through the breath, it stimulates the vagus nerve which is very soothing for traumatized people under attack. The meditation is offered for free online at https://eiriu-eolas.org Steward Swerdlow teaches mental … More A meditation called Eiriu Eolas (Gaelic for “Growth of Knowledge”)

A Place Called Gratitude

Snordster Published on Mar 1, 2014 Heretic Productions present. Les Visible’s A Place Called Gratitude. From Visible Origami 2005 http://www.visibleorigami.com/2005/12… Gratitude changes you. It changes the cells in your body and makes you flexible and young. It neutralizes anger. Most people aren’t aware that depression is the result of turning your anger inward; turning it … More A Place Called Gratitude

Ideas for TI’s

by Noemi E. Valentin Aug 3, 2017 I am glad to share this video about Buddhist Psychology. I think you would like to hear the Zen Buddhist approach to deal with strong negative emotions and suffering because of psychological terrorism. What helped me was to discover a way so different to the Western self help and regular … More Ideas for TI’s