Coping Techniques

by Anonymous I thought i might share some coping techniques: 1: love the perps or think of something that would make them look funny I have been experimenting this myself, and I honestly believe this works. Initially it was hard. Eg the security guards at the hospital I work at act quite strangely when I … More Coping Techniques

Humor & Sarcasm & Healing Frequencies

by Ortaine Devian Humor & sarcasm. This seems to be a weak point for AI, particularly sarcasm. In Deep_Thoughts article, he mentions “Frequency Hopping Spread Spectrum” – so does Preston Nichols & Dr. Joseph Farrell in regards to brain entrainment: It’s worth noting that this technology is also used in Wifi & BlueTooth. Deep_Thought … More Humor & Sarcasm & Healing Frequencies