Defeating The Agenda

by Ortaine Devian Aug 21, 2017 “If The Matrix can be described as a giant pinball machine which is highly controlled to predict the future, then defeating it is rather trivial, albeit a very hard path to walk in life.  Don’t be a ball.  That is, if the paddles of this device are provocations, then … More Defeating The Agenda

6 Techniques

by Mary Joy MacKay For years I have avoided participating in discussion groups because they focused on the problem and not solutions. From 2012 – 2013 I had a website that was focusing on solutions, but eventually took it down for a variety of reasons. In 2016 I self published my book “The Joy Thieves”, … More 6 Techniques

Ideas for TI’s

by Noemi E. Valentin Aug 3, 2017 I am glad to share this video about Buddhist Psychology. I think you would like to hear the Zen Buddhist approach to deal with strong negative emotions and suffering because of psychological terrorism. What helped me was to discover a way so different to the Western self help and regular … More Ideas for TI’s