What is Taketina

RhythmFullCircle Published on Mar 2, 2015 We prepared this video to help answer the question: What is TaKeTiNa? The interviewee is Zorina Wolf, advanced TaKeTiNa teacher based in Sequim, WA. The surdo player is Deborah Masterson, basic TaKeTiNa teacher based in Honolulu, HI. TaKeTiNa was created by Reinhard Flatischler. Paul and I once took a … More What is Taketina

Love deeply & have fun as much as possible!!

My name is Audra & I’m targeted 10years or more. I survived long list of symptoms all kind of health problems, other creepy experiments, gang stalking & unbelievable betrayals & now they wondering how I’m still alive, can use my brains & legs, coz since 11-16-16 I get intense electronic harassment 24/7 mostly brains, eyes … More Love deeply & have fun as much as possible!!