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From – Philip Shepherd , The Embodiment Manifesto

“Inhabiting your body – reuniting with its intelligence – is one of the most potent political statements you can make. Disembodiment is tacitly modeled and promoted by every institutional hierarchy in our society – whether corporate, political or religious. Each of them is shaped around a top-down ‘command and control’ power structure run by the head of the organization, with executive power consolidated at headquarters – which might lie with the CEO (‘chief’ derives from the Latin word for ‘head’) in head office, or with the head of a political party in the nation’s capital (‘capital comes from a Latin word for ‘head’), or with the head of the church.

The implicit message embedded in these hierarchies is that the head should rule. That message remains acceptable to us only because it expresses, even as it further consolidates, our relationship with ourselves.

When we center our thinking in our heads, we unknowingly reinforce the hold those social hierarchies enjoy. So it seems natural to us that ‘heads’ of business, politics and religion should rule our society. If we reject the leadership of a particular ‘head’, we will seek to replace that individual with another ‘head’ – unable or unwilling to consider other ways of organizing human affairs…

We cannot begin to reign in our madness until we recover what the body knows and learn to accord with it. To root ourselves in that accord is to flood the emptiness of our lives with the experience of the present – the only true way to begin to harmonize with reality. This embodiment revolution begins with the honest recognition of the extent to which we have internalized the hierarchical message – the extent to which its top-down power structure currently lives in us and rules us…

Think about it: you cannot reason your way into the present; you cannot reason your way into love; you cannot reason your way into a harmony of being. More than that, though, as long as the head rules, it keeps you from truly feeling and answering to the currents of your own being; it fragments you on the most personal level, so that even as you obsess over refining your ideas about how best to supervise your progress, you sabotage any possibility that you might respond to your circumstances with your full and unified being – because this inner tyranny obliterates being and silences the body’s wakeful attunement…

The challenge we face is great, because we are starting from a disadvantage: we are divided within ourselves and have been relentlessly habituated to that state by the story that surrounds us – a story communicated by the language, the architecture, the hierarchies, the customs and even the icons of our culture.

Facing the challenge before us is made easier, though, by its sheer necessity – and by the keenness with which each of us feels that necessity in our own lives. We feel estranged from the unity of our own wholeness, and that ignites within us a smoldering anxiety. Such anxiety is the foothold by which those who wish to wield power keep others off balance. That is why they stoke anxiety so deliberately: the more anxiety we feel, the more control we feel we need…

Ultimately, our head-centric way of being keeps us in a stressful, self-perpetuating loop:

• top-down living disrupts wholeness;

• a lack of wholeness induces anxiety;

• anxiety makes us yearn for more control;

• and more control is promised by top-down management – both within the self and within society – even as it further disrupts wholeness….

Learning how to liberate yourself from the frenzied treadmill of the head is far from easy – it requires a skill set that is not readily available, and defies our culture’s messaging and conditioning. On the most personal level the process may feel as monumental as the dismantling of the Berlin Wall, because it threatens to change everything: old, stuck pieces of yourself topple and make room for a newness of breath and ease and clarity, and a dangerous awakening to the deep, true passion and calling of your life. Opening to the world you find not obstacles, but guidance; not indifferent geography, but companionship; not resources, but a living web that shares your own ancestral origins in star matter.

We cannot align with the body’s subtle genius by adopting new ideas about ‘how to be’. In fact, to be directed by ideas, however progressive, is to be ruled by the head. What is needed is a new experience that will put us in touch with our being so that it can speak to us about all that is. We need practices that will help us beyond ‘listening to the body’ and instead enable us to listen to the world through the body. The task is not to make the body do new things that are good for us, but to surrender the tyrant’s place in the head and yield to our embodied wisdom – which belongs to the world as much as to us, and knows the whole so intimately that it recognizes its steadfast, unseen gaze in each individual pebble, star and blade of grass.”

– Philip Shepherd , The Embodiment Manifesto       forwarded by Dr Robin Kelly


Hello again Paul and Mindy

I love that you are seeking healing solutions for those targeted. You kindly asked for some practical suggestions.
I have developed my own survival tactics, and am working with many suffering from Complex PTSD.
Narcissistic abuse is commonly at the roots of this suffering – and of course EM Targeted Individuals suffer acutely from these symptoms.
It would be interesting to know whether EM weaponry targets the amygdala, hippocampus and its connections, as the trauma inflicted by psychopathic abuse of all forms results in disruption of these intra-cerebral pathways (of which little is really known.)
The psychopaths brain is very toxic to the targeted individual :
And of course, there are the Eastern esoteric models to be considered.
I wonder whether Eastern methods are so effective for TIs because they are heart/energetic focused. Maybe the perpetrators are missing a trick here. We need to be ahead of their game – these techniques are in the realms of non locality and quantum concepts and go beyond the ‘low vibration’ duality embraced by the aggressors.
 And so here are some my strategies – with patients/clients I will adapt them to what is appropriate for the individual.
1. Breathing techniques. The simpler the better. All focus on being/ umbilicus/dantian/hara.
2. Simple meditation techniques. Often as above.
3. In my practice, I use gentle acupuncture techniques – which can both focus on the energetic disruption, and create an environment of peace. This can be a lead in to 1. and 2.
4. Music/dance/improv.
5. Binaural beats.
6. Nature – we are blessed here.
7. Creativity according  to individual.
8. Yoga, qi gong, chanting according to individual.
9. Light heartedness/humour.
All based in an environment of self compassion, community and mindfulness. And enacted non-linearly!
Your initiative is so important as not only is it helping with techniques such as these, but also it is creating community. This is the mix that the aggressors will find difficult to counteract.
I appreciate this is only an outline – I hope it makes some sense.
Warm wishes
ps maybe Tis are selected to be zapped because they can’t be mind controlled with traditional matrix techniques. All potential whistle blowers are at risk.
Watch our YouTube channel for an in depth interview with Dr Robin Kelly



good news…you’re not crazy.

Someone complained to me once that she kept on hearing Kylie Minogue’s ”Can’t get you out of my head” the whole day. She tried to get rid of the singing voices but it kept on popping up in her head. In so many occasions, friends or acquaintances of mine will say, “I kept on hearing this song all day” or on occasions and while listening to a familiar song, someone will comment, “I hope this (the song) will not stuck in my head.” If you experience this several times followed by ringing in the ear (like tinnitus) and then you start hearing voices, talking to you, commenting, giving you instruction or worst, insulting and cursing you, don’t panic. Good news is, there is a big chance you are not crazy but a target by an unknown criminals. Read the rest

A General Note from Andy Sept 17, 2017

Just finished watching TCCF 26, wow what a huge amount of disclosures, I hope all of these bastards go down.
I made a few notes as it progressed.
Things that were mentioned that I have experienced,
Unexplained leg cramps.
Neighbours always going to their car slamming doors not moving the car but doing something then going back inside every time I go to my room to watch TV etc, They are parked right outside my bedroom wall. Then late at night they do the same thing, probably turning something off. Unfortunately I dont have a window on that wall to photo graph them. They also know where I am in the house and their window facing my room is always open yet its really cold at the moment here???

My father has been complaining for a long time about his throat and having trouble swallowing, the doctors just keep brushing him off. I am also having throat clearing problems and seem to be swallowing a lot just like another target who refuses to listen to anything I tell him. I believe this is to do with the odd large dust particals that are now in our houses, every week I clean it up yet 7 days later there is a thick layer back again. I believe this dust is attaching itself in our throats to cause further damage. I have heard what sounds like a compressor running close by and believe this is how they are flooding the house with the dust as we rarely if ever see the plane chemtrails like you guys experience and the concentration in the house it too high. Also these particles seem to attach themselves to any puncture marks on my body, like a scab but quite different.

Please tell everyone to use a slide type lock bolt on their doors whenever they are in the house, not a key lock as these can be easily picked, early on in my stalking I kept waking up with bruises and needle marks in my body that I had no idea where they came from. Also something was shoved under my big toe nail and one of the other toe nails. After seeing Milicents placement of chips in her feet. Also I have experienced unexplained eye bleeds and very early on implants in the back of my neck, which they have updated recently, I recon.

Last week I turned all the power off to the house and went around with a simple AM radio tuned around 80 on the dial and found very definite interference coming from the smart meter as expected, but a totally different tone from five other locations in the house. These are probably transmitters of some type powered by the EMR. Like you lots of vans, trucks, telecom and electricity workers in the street, strangely damaging the letter box and leaving large bolts in the grass to wreck the lawnmower or me as it flys out. Dead animals etc etc Im sure you have seen most of this crap.

Now another connection which company is in the top three buyers of property in Australia, dont think small house lots either, I mean large tracts of farming land etc, BELGIUM when I read this I was astonished. Why would they need to do this, maybe protect food security, who knows.

Maybe Milicent could check her internet speed it might be what they call throttled. Also check her video and sound driver settings and maybe reset them to default, and use a cable to connect not WIFI, just a thought, Im no computer wiz thats for sure.

Every week I am astonished at how you guys are talking about what my family is experiencing yet they refuse to believe me. I was always the smartest one LOL. Keep up the great work and let me know if I can help with research or anything. I have put off sending my affidavit because unlike Milicent I never at the time felt the need to get any documentation from the police or health perpetrators. Unfortunately before I was enlightened by my own research, I believed the total bullshit I was being fed by so called professionals.

Stay safe cheers
Andy Melbourne Victoria Australia

Check what I did with the chemicals in graphs.


Spells CIST

A cist is a small stone-built coffin-like box or ossuary used to hold the bodies of the dead. Examples can be found across Europe and in the Middle East.
Just a bit of word play but very appropriate for what these bastards are doing to us.

Examples of Gas Lighting/Stalking by Max on Sept 17, 2017

I live in a rural area with no close neighbors; thus, I don’t get the constant on-site stalking that many targets experience. Nevertheless, occasionally probably accomplices of my attackers do seek me out.
Last night, I attended a birthday party for friends of mine in town. I had to park on a side street that had little traffic and little light. Later, when I returned home, I noticed that my headlights had not gone off as they’re supposed to do. When I checked the vehicle, the light switch had been changed from “auto” to “on.” The switch is located far down on the left hand side of the instrument panel, far out of normal reach, and I never change the setting. Somebody had gotten into the locked vehicle while I was at the party and changed the setting.
Earlier this year, the perps entered my house and stole a coveted photo album and a genealogical book written by a distant cousin. The album is irreplaceable, and the book is no longer in print. The thieves knew that both items were highly prized by me. They also knew that I would not notice the items missing immediately.
I have three upright vacuum cleaners, two old ones and one relatively new one. Recently, when I started to use the newer one, the wide sweeper head was missing. I went to the older vacuums to take one of the sweepers off to put on the newer vacuum, and, you guessed it, those wide sweeper heads were also missing on the old vacuums. Now, all three vacuums are virtually useless.
As we know, the piles of s–t usually do not steal valuable items but normally take items of only sentimental value or of little other value. Their theft reinforces the plan of attack: (1) to remind you that you are targeted, (2) to let you know that you are being surveilled, (3) to inflict as much emotional damage as possible, (4) to show you that they can enter your domicile or vehicle whenever they wish, (5) to make you think that you are becoming forgetful, and (6) to cause you to spend money to replace or repair the items.


Name: Linda
Website: http://7D%20HOLOGRAPHS,%20%20OR%20BLUEBEAM

Comment: Caught one of the Special Ops posed as a &D Holograph or BlueBeamed himself into my Kitchen last night, looking at my stove, then he became invisible. They come into my house, either physically or like I saw the other night gathering intel from this computer and moving an object to too.
I was very much awake an know what I saw. So if they can move objects then no wonder I can’t figure out how they are getting into my house. I have heard them in my house and I open my eyes but there is No light coming from anywhere, like being in a cave, so I can’t even find a light switch.
We have come very far technology wise, and we are the people they are experimenting on with all this new weaponry and deception. They plan on using this BlueBeam Project to Fool the people that they are Jesus, so beware of that, read Revelation. The HAARP is causing all of these storms to get people into these (Death) Fema Camps.

Time: September 10, 2017 at 2:23 am

September 9, 2017


Comment: Hi Paul and Mindy. My name is Eymard and I am a ti in Southern California. I go by the username,”sick of it some” on YouTube. I awoke and was made aware of this targeting the first of January this year. It hasn’t been the greatest, but I am managing, especially being hit with dews 24/7. I am not sure why I am being targeted, as you know a lot of us wonder about that. A possibility would’ve been my job as an Airport Security Screener from 1999 to 2001.

I started as a screener and a year later was promoted to supervisor in Terminal B of the Bob Hope Airport (used to be Burbank Glendale Pasadena Airport). Our job was to ensure that the terminal was safe and free from bad elements, including people. Boy, you wouldn’t believe the amount of racial profiling happening. Every ethnic group from countries that have terrorist cells had to be checked and it was ridiculous. Then 9/11 happened and was my day off.

I believe that was a Monday or Tuesday. It was weird because I normally don’t watch tv getting up in the morning and had a weird urge to turn on the tv that day. The news were on every channel and decided to call my work to check on everybody. One of my coworkers said that they’ve been locked down from incoming and outgoing flights indefinitely. Back then I was just a part of the sheeple and had no idea of the deception after deception that were being done to us. I thought to myself, “These fucking terrorists again!”, meaning the Al Qaeda.

It was rough returning to work because we were being replaced by the Army and had to train them on procedures, while the unbelievable number of passengers were starting to pile up. It was almost as long as the lines in Disneyland on a nice summer day. People were very anxious and understandably so. Most complied with procedures without incident and some were very defensive and asked, “Do I look like a terrorist to you?” That question was answered after much reading and research during the early days of my gang stalking and harassment this year. I  realized terrorism has no face. It is definitely not of an Arab, Iranian or anyone of Middle Eastern descent. The terrorists were homegrown all along. I have been duped my whole life. The strange thing about the Twin Towers mass murders was prior to 9/11, we were being tested by the FAA almost everyday by placing guns, dummy bomb components in bags and even a grenade on its own. The previous year, we were tested once or twice a month.

With the uncertainty of “terrorism” in the greatest country of all, I decided to resign, as it was taking a toll on me. The stress of being responsible for thousands of lives everyday got to me and I didn’t want any more of that on top of the many arguments and shouting from passengers. The thought of 100 passengers on a plane going down and my responsibility to ensure it’s safety just didn’t sit well with me. It wasn’t a few years ago that I had told some friends about the racial profiling and oppression going on there and maybe revealed a little too much, which was eating me up inside. I just had to tell somebody.

The main reason I am writing is because a few days ago, I was getting hit hard from all directions, as I was hearing private propped and jet engine planes all over. Must’ve been 3 or 4 fly-bys between noon and 3 pm. I know this because from the obvious sound and this app I use called Flightaware. It tells in real time of flights and detailed plane info that are in your vicinity. One plane in particular caught my attention. Raytheon Premier 1 was the name of this plane and it was 8,000 feet on top of my house, just slowly moving, almost hovering, it seemed. Can you please look into this because I am not aware of Raytheon being in the flight transportation industry? I know they’re related with the whole targeting program through the various devices they make, specifically enhanced cameras that penetrate through walls. It could’ve also been a dis-info tactic where they manipulated the app. But I really doubt it because the plane disappeared from the map on the app about a minute later. I have screenshots and I think I have a video screenshot, as well. I also have an email address with protonmail. I’m not sure if that email is really encrypted or another way for the intelligence agencies to snoop on potential whistleblowers and truth seekers. Anyway, I thank you for taking time in reading this. Your continued presence and support for the community has been an inspiration for myself and surely to countless others, whether victims or people just tired of the lies. By the way, the first video I saw of pineconeutopia was one of the interviews of Dr Eric Karlstrom on gangstalking and electronic harassment. I think it was his first interview on your channel. Please keep up the great work and God bless you both!


New from Ortaine Devian  Sept 6, 2017

There is something else I wanted to discuss with you. I know that the Techno Crime Fighters Forum has focused a lot on chips & while this is certainly a possibility, I’m not so sure that it is necessary anymore – even taking nanotechnology into account. Preston Nichols who claims to have worked on the Montauk Project discusses Frequency Hopping Spread Spectrum in this interview with Art Bell on Coast To Coast AM. He also mentions a “EMF fingerprint” referring to the electromagnetic frequencies the body naturally emanates. These frequencies traverse throughout the entire body. If they had equipment sensitive enough to pick up on individual frequencies and to lock in on them, it would certainly be possible to lock in on different areas of the body. It would also be quite possible to interfere with the natural EMF and get feedback from the effects. Nichols discusses this 14:40 into the video:


FHSS is also used in wifi & bluetooth devises. Someone else who mentions that FHSS is used in brain entrainment is Dr. Farrell. In attempting to reverse-engineer what is transpiring within government that would allow for the torture/harassment of people on a massive global scale, I have become very focused on Dr. Farrell’s work. In order for this global mechanism to be put into place, 9/11 would be a must-be scenario. Plenty of people suspect that 9/11 was a false flag but it makes even more sense from the target’s perspective. In order to get such a global “War on Terror” mechanism into place that superseded existing laws on a global scale, 9/11 would have been a requirement.


I suggest this video as a primer to what I suspect is taking place:

“Dr. Joseph Farrell: Hidden Finance, 9/11 & Nazi International”

In elitist Aldous Huxley’s 1962 speech on mind control, he said how the “controlling oligarchy” have used “terrorism” since “time immemorial” to “control the masses.” (transcript & audio)


So the concept of using terrorism as a false flag control mechanism is certainly nothing new.
Wernher von Braun came over as a German scientist under the CIA’s Operation Paperclip.
11:50 into this video, EX-Defense Minister of Canada Paul T Hellyer says that von Braun told a friend of his that, “First it will be the Communists, then it will be the terrorists, and finally it will be the ET’s.”


I’m suspecting this conversation took place either prior to or during the Cold War. But now we have two indicators that terrorism would be used to control the population – the later coming from a Nazi scientist.


Bush’s ‘Patriot Act’ Vs Hitler’s ‘Enabling Act’ What’s The Difference?

I not the first to notice that the post-9/11 national police state they put into place has a peculiar name, as in “Reichland”.


DHS treaties with other countries for sharing “Science & Technology” if “fighting terrorism”:

Link to Sweden:

Link to Germany:


There are others, this is just an example. And while we are on the subject, why would they fight a self-proclaimed War on Terror and simultaneously leave the borders open through Rep & Dem administrations alike, particularly when ICE or Immigration is included in DHS? That is cognitive dissonance by definition. And why do they seem more concerned with RFID?

“Radio Frequency Identification (RFID): What is it?”


One possible reason –  “The Globalist Agenda in 12 Minutes with Aaron Russo”


If you didn’t have enough homework .. : )




by Ortaine Devian Aug 21, 2017

I will attempt to make this as clear & concise as I can. I have been targeted since 2002. It was obvious that I was being stalked and that the stalkers objective was not to improve the situation. It was also obvious that it was being supported by the government. I had no doubt that it was related to the War on Terror & the Patriot Act but it was also obvious that these government employees or contractors were actively engaging in activity that was unconstitutional, criminal & a violation of human rights. It was also obvious that I was being followed everywhere I went and because the attacks were so severe, I opted not to search into mind control at first.Instead, I began to research what was going on within government to make this possible. This explains my unique perspective of research.

Eventually I joined yahoo groups of targeted individuals & entities claiming to be targeted individuals. I am still a moderator of one of those groups with over 800 members but because Yahoo never really updated their format, there is little activity going on there; unless someone has something important they wish to share.

Anyway, at first this was a great place for targets to confirm their experiences, even with the psychological games that were obviously taking place but it also was clear that any attempts to organize the targets would be sabotaged one way or another. I didn’t feel keeping our problems to ourselves would get us anywhere so in 2013 I created an alternative media google community for targets to mix their information with other news to get the information to the public. I had plenty of experience with perps by then and I kept a strict policy towards protecting targets. Anyone commented on a targets post that seems anything close to an attack, psychological or otherwise, they were banned, no questions asked. At first I had a lot of targets contributing but eventually they all fell away for one reason or another. Some of them told me that their attacks were more severe since they had been posting information there, some just stopped posting & some completely disappeared. Now it is pretty much just me posting with an occasional posting by a target. However, while it was active, I was somewhat the clearing house for the information coming in so I gained a lot from being in that position.

I will first get into what I believe is happening and then what I have found seems to help. I think the solutions will make more sense this way.

First of all what I think is the actual, unvarnished reasoning behind what is transpiring. Aldous Huxley was the grandson of Thomas Huxley who was nicknamed “Darwin’s bulldog.” Aldous brother was Sir Julian Huxley who was the president of the British Eugenics Society & the first Director of UNESCO. He wrote a book on UNESCO in which he stated:

“Political unification in some sort of world government will be required… Even though… any radical eugenic policy will be for many years politically and psychologically impossible, it will be important for UNESCO to see that the eugenic problem is examined with the greatest care, and that the public mind is informed of the issues at stake so that much that now is unthinkable may at least become thinkable.”
– Sir Julian Huxley, UNESCO: Its Purpose and Its Philosophy.

He just explained the “death panels” in Obomneycare (we were going to get it one way or the other) and I have plenty of documentation that this eugenical agenda hasn’t changed. The short answer is:

“In order to stabilize world population, we must eliminate 350,000 people per day. It is a horrible thing to say, but it is just as bad not to say it.”
– Jacques Cousteau,  1991 UNESCO courier

You can see that the Darwin – Huxley families were interbred elitists. Aldous wrote the book “Brave New World” which was much like Orwell’s “1984” but with a slightly different approach. Instead of being coerced into compliance, the masses were persuaded to go along with their own enslavement. I gave a little of Aldous’ history to understand the significance of what he says in his 1962 speech on mind control. In it, he explains the reasoning behind 9/11 & terrorism in general as a way for the “controlling oligarchy” to direct society, he also says that such control wouldn’t last forever but that they were developing new methods, specifically he mentions pharmaceuticals but I suspect either he didn’t know the advances that would be made on neurosciences or he didn’t want to give too much away (audio & transcript):

This is why I mentioned transhumanism. If they can dumb the population down to perfect slaves, it would cut overhead costs dramatically. If you had a mental slave population that required no vacations, no days off, no recreation, no special food and wouldn’t complain about anything, you would have the perfect slave population. Dr. Hall said in Pete Santilli’s Mind Control Marathon broadcast that his CIA contact told him that the people being targeted weren’t responding to “normal programming.”

I think I found another indication as to what is going on from a Planned Parenthood meeting that took place in 1969:

He was free to speak at this time because ” … everything is in place and nobody can stop us now. “When the new system takes over, people will be expected to sign allegiance to it, indicating that they don’t have any reservations to the old system. There just won’t be any room for people who won’t go along. We can’t have such people cluttering up the place so such people would be taken to special places and disposed of humanely.” They would not create martyrs.

Dr. Fred Bell worked on MK-Ultra for the CIA, among other things. Towards the end of this .pdf he discusses a “person of interest” and how this person’s information was uploaded to a computer then to a satellite. This was my first semi-clear indication that AI was involved:

Part 3:

Deep_Thought at has been writing articles on targeting & remote neural monitoring for almost ten years. He seems to have a deep understanding of the technology although he never made it exactly clear how but he has mentioned studying groups of targets in the past. A while back, he removed all of his articles. I don’t know if they can be found on Wayback Machine or not, I’ve never looked.

He said that the system is being run by NSA, it’s name is “Mr. Computer”. He has written two more articles on the subject, one of which I am presenting here:

Remote Neural Monitoring & Prompting – The Most Complete Picture To Date – March 2017

Because the article is long, somewhat dry & at times technical, I made you an audio recording because it seems easier to digest if you listen while doing something else, relaxing in a chair or laying down.

Towards the end of the article:

Defeating The Agenda

“If The Matrix can be described as a giant pinball machine which is highly controlled to predict the future, then defeating it is rather trivial, albeit a very hard path to walk in life.  Don’t be a ball.  That is, if the paddles of this device are provocations, then if you cannot be provoked, you cannot be drawn into the game.  Thus, you forever remain unpredictable and the future is thus dark.  This is the path Ghandi:
Ghandi, was a major driving force behind the independence of India.  His ideology of non-violence and passive resistance meant that all the tools of an empire to achieve its goals broke down.  Before leaving, India and Pakistan were partitioned, leaving in place a pinball machine that could be leveraged for re-entry at any time.  A process Britain repeated across the world.  Original intended as agitation points, the empire crumbled and whilst problems remain in these regions, they are no longer exploitable.
Enter RNM into the picture, a solution which is learning how to control humans and now the ‘Ghandi Factor’ becomes less of a concern.  An Empire no longer needs to worry about people failing to be provoked, as it can physically hijack them and make them fight.  Not only this, but it can bias that fight to ensure a pre-determined outcome.  With little-to-no knowledge of RNM, or more importantly, a way to get into space to destroy it or technology to block its signal, then any resistance is clearly doomed from the start.  They would be mere actors on a stage, with their parts already scripted decades in advance.  RNM is currently closing in on this solution.  Once it does, this will be the general pattern for a while and, as absolute power corrupts, its only a matter of time before it brings out the worst.”

So the answer is not to Love Big Brother, the answer is to become neutral to stimuli. And how do you go about this? The way that I did it was using a martial arts technique called Mushin or “being of n mind” as briefly described here:

When I was first being targeted, I felt like I wanted to crawl out of my skin. I was looking for any relief I could find so I started going through my library searching for a solution. I found a paragraph on the subject in this book:

I began trying to apply the techniques and as soon as I did, the AI became very threatening which was only indicating to me that I was on the right track. Because I was under constant attack, I think it took longer to become proficient at – it took me about five years but then, I had no where else to go and no one was going to help me so it wasn’t like I had something else to do. I modified the technique to apply it to the situation but basically it works the same – it is gaining control over your own mind. I describe it like this:

In the natural world, keeping your perception open to stimuli in your environment is a survival tactic. There is no reason to limit your perception.

In a synthetic world where your senses are under constant attack, there is every reason to limit your perception. I went about it by imagining myself to be a single celled animal. My only concern was to eat, breath & expel. Other than that, I was oblivious to my surroundings. Of course things like walking across the street only at green lights still applied but as far as perception to survival, I perceived nothing. Zero. Zip. Zilch. Knock on the door but no one’s home. As I became more proficient at it, I slowly began to allow more perception to enter my awareness but only at my choosing. Any sign of attack and I shut it down. Over time, this became second nature until I reached the point that I no longer had to think about it.

Other methods that seemed to confuse the system:

Multi-Tasking Thought: Pick two or more subjects and bounce between them in mid sentence.

False Thoughts: Think of something that is ridiculously false and go over it in your mind as if it were true.

Spontaneity: Do thinks without any prior though. I doesn’t have to be grandiose. It can be as simple as picking up an object close to you for no reason or changing direction while walking. The less obvious the better as so not to draw unwanted attention. As quick as you envision what to do, do it.

Part 4:

Humor & sarcasm. This seems to be a weak point for AI, particularly sarcasm.

In Deep_Thoughts article, he mentions “Frequency Hopping Spread Spectrum” – so does Preston Nichols & Dr. Joseph Farrell in regards to brain entrainment:

It’s worth noting that this technology is also used in Wifi & BlueTooth.

Deep_Thought also mentions masers, which is a weaker form of lasers as a delivery system. Dr. Fred Bell briefly alluded to this in his interview.

I noticed when I was most heavily under attack a hypersensitivity to sound. At times I would wear ear plugs to muffle it. I began to use white noise rain signals to muffle it as well. This seemed to help a lot. I still do, it seems to break up FHSS signals.

These YouTube videos seems to imply the same:




Then there are healing frequencies:

“528Hz | Repairs DNA & Brings Positive Transformation”

639Hz, 432Hz, 936Hz, 852 Hz, 963Hz, 417Hz, 741Hz, 396 HzThere is a free audio program for PC, Mac & Linus called Audacity. You can select frequencies, mix them with effects in whatever you find pleasing & save it to an .mp3 file. It also generates brown, pink & white noise which you can mix in with healing frequencies or use alone. I have an audio recording of rain that I mixed in low level white noise:

As far as blocking the frequencies, a guy with military intel told me the screen used in microwave ovens would stop it for sure, it’s a tight knit faraday cage but I haven’t had the finances to experiment with it.

I received a de-classified report from F. Peter Simmons who worked on the Hubble Telescope. It is a report on Tesla technology from 1978. I transcribed the section on mind control here:

That’s all for now, I’ll write you if I think of something else.



Name: EENTE501
Comment:  More ideas:
Part 1 – The Maze

The TIs Maze is their own private life. Surveillance, both on observation foot, by satellite, chips, mind reading tech, chips, serves to create a,”map” of habits–frequent places, which helps them to predict your moves. If the rat takes this road they will cell their ants to meet you at your destination, or interfere in your way. They have techniques and a thousand ants floating around waiting for instructions.

BUT if as you say, you act randomly you break the mapped wall of your routine and they will temporarily lose you because they do not where are your going and cannot give instructions or organize a harrasment event, be it Electronic or Stalking.

Surveillance will map your route

Time: August 18, 2017 at 8:44 pm

Comment: Part 2 – Repetition and no-intermission

After surveillance, pschychological profile, creating triggers, they will make a laundry list of things, situations that provoke negative reactions, so you can behave as they want you. That sounds like a type of Mind Control. We knew that.

Then they will repeat and repeat that single very simple thing that bothers you, until you do not react like they wanted, but as the principle of no-intermission as mental torture in Avici, they will change the torture to another in their laundry list, non stop. They can create triggers also with NLP, but the real agony is not the pshychological or physical pain but the repetition that is the real torture.

Time: August 18, 2017 at 8:57 pm

Comment: Part 3 – Digital Track

You cannot get out because they are in the computerized social and economic structure of Europe and wherever governments use computers, so they can track you anywhere through the Mother of a World Database, where everybody’s digital info is stored. That maybe the Matrix.

Whatever leaves, any medical or credit, insurance, everything can be tracked down. Think of your Soc Sec, they can trace your parking tickets, never mind your hospital records, etc. When you pay in the supermarket with a card it registers what food you bought or where you got gas. That is the chip i the bank credit and Debits, they tell your list transactions and balance, all personal info can be accessed; if not all, plenty. That is added to your personal map, which is your individual maze or hell, like Avici describes: Your torture is customized.

Time: August 18, 2017 at 9:08 pm

Comment: Part 4 – Repetition but with Limits

You may leave your usual maze to a different situation or most likely PLACE. There the need to call ants for that one time job. They have to mobilize with weapons and people to that particular place where you are going to be. That is how TIs can find perps in airplanes or wherever they have the resources. But they need notice probably by hacking your communications–phones, emails etc. That includes Mind reading and the chips, etc, etc.

That gives the impression they are everywhere. Cellulars make that almost real time intervention possible. That is how they can control millions with only thousands. Who organizes all of this? You have an idea.

Time: August 18, 2017 at 9:20 pm

Comment: Part 5 – Getting out of The Terror, but not necessarily out the Program

In order to keep the mental torture no-intermission, they have to keep “hitting” keeping the hits intermittenly; cannot be steady because you get used to it. But during the day they hit you with something you react to negatively nonstop. In my case every 30 minutes aith something in my laundry list. That keeps the torture on during all day. In my apartment they have microwaves, but since I am there the pain of attacks increases. When they put more pain and I have to leave the apt, then I find the Perps everywhere I go, either they are there waiting, or arrive few minutes later. That is my Maze.

The laundry list can be very nasty according to the reciliece and positive actions of the TI. Like Ramola, Katherine and Activist who usually are very strong and work for positive changes for Humanity. They do not like that. So they are targeted and tortured mentally.

They dont want the positive and when someone sends them love…or do something nice to them–the low level Perps have a moment of confusion. Who are the bad guys?

I think knowing that the strategy is to hit you constantly with whatever bothers you constanly gives you space, so you can step back and alleviate some of the mental torture.

What I discover is that only few hours of not being hit I feel relaxed and positive. Then comes an attack and brings me down. That is where the techniques help.

I hope I make some sense. I am thinking a loud…

Time: August 18, 2017 at 9:55 pm

Part 6 – Bernie’s Hide and Seek Services, Inc; We follow your wishes

Following the Forums info. I see there could be groups sub-contracted to do the street theater or Gang Stalking. There are so many Perps, I have not seen one twice; at least that I remember because I am always under pressure. The mobs and single harassers with markers, such as color coding and people on the road, and neighbors, are employees of these Businesses. The business have so many jobs going that they can even piggyback.

They can be contracted by individuals or organizations such as Corporations–Government probably the biggest contractor with Black Budget items such as Imbecile Special Teams (trying hard to stay positive), and these employees, or volunteer collaborators, probably need very little training and have no clue of what they are participating. Basically they see themselves as good patriots and citizens. They are uneducated, psychopaths, that have been brainwashed to do Government little services that as we know adds up to make TIs life a living hell. TI’s live in the Mental State of the Hell Beings, the lowest Buddhist Realms.

And the worst: Avici Hell Mental Torture!! I wonder who was the genius that took the Methods of Mental torture from one of the ugliest teachings of the Buddha, where there is so much positive in the Buddhist Philosophy. Buddha Teachings are about calming the Mind and dealing with negative emotions in a positive and compassionate way. Ask the Dalai Lama dealing with China for 50+ years. You will never hear any attack from the Dalai Lama to the Chinese.

The highest level Perps in the Secret “Services”, like Katherine has said, are the hired organization to manage the whole structure down to the street level perps. I learned that from Katherine. I have never heard anything close to her analysis. Thank you!

Time: August 19, 2017 at 4:15 pm

Comment: Part 7 – Movies and Double Speak: the Matrix and Inception

I think movies are instruments to implant ideas as Science Fiction by describing them as “fiction” as Science Fiction, to mislead the public in case someone comes truth to sound as improbable coming from fantasy like a Movie.

There are 2 movies that to me are very revealing about how the Systems of Control of Information and the logic of Electronic Mind Control works: Inception and The Matrix.

Inception is a 2010 science fiction film written, co-produced, and directed by Christopher Nolan, and co-produced by Emma Thomas. The film stars Leonardo DiCaprio as a professional thief who steals information by infiltrating the subconscious, and is offered a chance to have his criminal history erased as payment for a seemingly impossible task: “inception”, the implantation of another person’s idea into a target’s subconscious.

The Matrix is a 1999 science fiction action film written and directed by The Wachowskis, starring Keanu Reeves, Laurence Fishburne, Carrie-Anne Moss, Hugo Weaving, and Joe Pantoliano. Blah, blah…

It depicts a dystopian future in which reality as perceived by most humans is actually a simulated reality called “the Matrix”, created by sentient machines (….?) to subdue the human population, while their bodies’ heat and electrical activity are used as an energy source. [Computer programmer] “Neo” learns this truth and is drawn into a rebellion against the machines, which involves other people who have been freed from the “dream world.”

I saw the movie years ago and think the movie is total Double–Speak that has become part of the collective consciousness of Pop Culture. But it can be decoded by substituting words and reading between lines to have an idea of the ideas that are being fed to the Public.

I find interesting the whole thing about Agents showing up everywhere; and The Oracle, which was an African American woman, who could see through the Matrix as a member of historically exploited and oppressed Group in the USA. I cannot watch it again because it makes me sick.

I like the idea of Oracles as they bring ideas from other realities across. I think that as Puerto Rico, member of another historical invaded colony of the USA, I am less afraid to see through. I think all colonized people can see through, but has no access.

I have a story:

In Holyoke, MA, in the Main Street, this man with the cap Muslims use, told me he was working with her girlfriend in a Thesis–this is the 5 College Area so there were students doing all sorts of studies–about prejudice against Muslims. The guy was Puerto Rican and told me about how much hate looks he received in supermarket lines, etc.

I asked how it felt, and he told me: “As long as there is War against Muslims, Puerto Ricans are on vacations.” He is grassroots and dark skinned while I come from the reality of the Island and look more European, so it shocked me the degree of Racism Puerto Rican Community has to endure in USA. But so other member of TI’s are Minorities and have to live in a hostile environment.

I am babbling. Oh, yes…the movies. These two movies, Inception and Matrix, can be very interesting to analyse.

Inception can be revealing of Methods of Electronic Mind Control and its logic and the Matrix as the All Seeing Vast Computarized Database of Databases that can supply practically any info for use against TI’s anywhere in the World.

Time: August 19, 2017 at 6:10 pm
Comment: Part 7 – The Day That Earth Stood Still

Somewhere in my conversations with friends–or readings, or probably I made up extrapolating–came the info that the Hopi had a prophesy when there was going to be a Dark Period which would be the transition to to an Period of Light. (Native Americans through out the Continent could predict eclipses and other cosmic events like the Aztecs Almanac, etc.

This particular cosmic event related to Earth was that after 52,000 years the Earth orbit around the Galaxy Center, Earth would be at the same spot but further to the next level of the spiral. New Age people call it the Aquarian Age, whatever. Blah, blah…

BUT what is different with the Hopi is that they are preparing for that Dark Period by inviting people with all type of skills and respect for the Hopi way, to live with them so there was knowledge in the Community to survive it.

They were keeping the Ancient Knowledge of Medicine and self sufficient economy the moment there will be no electricity. No electicity? All public and private services will paralyze, economy would have to go local and the lack of communication globally would change the Control Game and so on.

The idea was floating in the original (not the remake) 50s movie The Day the Earth Stood Still, which I saw when I was a little girl, in BW, doubled in Spanish. The image that stayed with me was when they show the Earth entering into a total blackout Continent by Continent until completely dark–at least on that side of Earth. Then came out some machine robot person followed by a handsome extraterrestrial with some warming to humans and then he left. I dont remember the warning, but I am convinced the Elite communicates through movie industry. I wonder what this is about?

All machines operate with electricity, even satellites, and electronic weapons…solar, wind, transform energy into electricity. It would mean that people will have to redefine relationships, and that Humans will have to depend again on Nature to survive.

It comes to my mind the poor guy in the South who figured it out to produce his own electricity and his own food. He got fines from the Town and was declared as legally non compliance. Maybe the Amish are out into something.

Time: August 20, 2017 at 4:10 pm

Comment: Part 8 – That doesn’t compute

Another conversation with a friend who worked as IT in a Library told me that the whole World Computer System was falling apart because computers automatically make programs against viruses and are virusing each other, getting inside each other so the systems are out of control.

Maybe that is why Intelligence Agencies are going bunkers, Countries are getting into each other’s head, and Hackers can get inside the Government Department of Defense.

Another friend of mine who was Electric engeneer, and worked for the Navy, was telling me that they did computerized missiles simulations against different types of attacks and that it was scary how the computers were reacting. They were wiping out civilians populations in the USA and just going nuts.

Probably the Elite have Computer Information Experts dealing with the problem. But I wonder what a Computer Information expert in our side could say about the weakness of a Global Computer System. Apparently they are also in a mess.

Time: August 20, 2017 at 4:38 pm
Comment: Part 9 – Living in the Cloud

It may be that the Super Global Computer Information data is collected in the Cloud where for most services all you need is a an account and password. Think Dropbox or other services.

Shopping around for the cheaper place to store my stuff, I found a Chinese Company that was offering 2 tetra-gigabyte for almost half the price of Dropbox. They have access to my pics? How about Facebook? There is censorship. They freeze accounts. Imagine how much data of all kinds are stored in the Cloud from all over the World. Museums, Lybraries; Wowwwww!

That is a different game than Computer Networks a Decade before.

If that thing has files of all kinds. If it fails could be absolute chaos in the whole world.

Time: August 21, 2017 at 5:46 pm

Name: Gitte Dam
Comment: Hi

My name is Gitte Dam and i am 61 .
Been a nurse for many years.I am a TI in CPH Denmark
Heavily harrased and surrounded by perps, gangstalkers “mafia cars” in my street all the time.
Microwaved, electroweaponed etc etc 24/7 in my appartment and at friends place too.
Lightflashed, noiseharrased , neighbourwatched!! heavily too
Looking for good shielding techniques, mentaly too, bec when you can also hear the perps upstairs , below and beside your own suite and home you get a bit” irritated “after a year non stop harrass and torture.
To find some release I use chanting and painting Mandalas with colorcrayons.
Getting outside in nature and close to the sea brings reliefs too.

Time: August 21, 2017 at 1:09 am

Name: Linda
Website: http://Changing%20your%20DNA

Comment: Check out the video’s on changing your DNA Code, they say that you can with diet, exercise, mental or mood, but also I think maybe trying to wear relaxing oils, lotions, suntan products, different soaps or anti-persiperant may help put up a barrier from you and the perpetrators who I believe are always around to get our new genetic code because it is always changing…..distractions on what’s really going on here…..we have to think like a scientist…

Time: August 23, 2017 at 7:19 pm

Name: Pamela

Comment: On general community discussions regarding Linda’s comment
Name: Linda
Website: http://Changing%20your%20DNA

I could not access this link and would be very interested if I could.

One of my perps went into a lecture with me about NOT wearing perfume, deodorant, just be simple with soap and water. Don’t wear different clothes or have different handbags. Don’t buy new clothes, buy from the GoodWill.

It was the strangest conversation, but I know she was a perp because she kept looking at her iphone frequently as if trying to decipher and understand, until someone finally called her. Then said, “oh yeah, uh huh,” and gave me frowning looks. She also kept hitting me throughout our encounter and when I moved away, she moved closer.

Ability to change DNA? Interesting concept if it makes it more difficult for them to gang stalk us.

Time: September 10, 2017 at 6:43 am


Glenda W comments:

Layers of Stalkers  on Aug 17, 2017

Just to let you know, I am now seeing the next layer of those responsible for or “overseeing” the stalking in my community.
The first and lowest level have been primarily young men with what appear to be some kind of military ties.  They have also been what I call the “local mafia” along with others such as biker gang members and boys on skateboards with knapsacks that are blended in.  During the last two days, the young militarists are receding so that now what I am seeing are young white wives and mothers as well as young single white women.  Of course, I am not by any stretch of the imagination saying that all young white wives and mothers or young single white women are contributing to this.  There are truly many genuinely decent and wonderful people in my community who obviously have consciences and do not in any way contribute to this.  But I have also seen the women mentioned above.  Some are communicating using tee-shirt slogans such as “she who dares” and “breaking news: I don’t care.”  I am seeing a big retreat during the last day-or-so and have a better picture now of who the next layers up on the community level are comprised of such as those two affluent white males with dark sunglasses in a roaring black Thunderbird (?) and a woman who looks to have a darker complexion who seemed to signal to the small army of skateboarders to leave their hiding places.  Does this sound familiar to anyone else out there?  I’m sure the references to a “military” influence ring bells for many, if not all, who are going through this.
Glenda W. from Toronto, Ontario, Canada

Name: eente501



This is a link to paper by Maya Shari MacLaughling entitled: Life in Samsara: Torment, Torture and Tolerance in Buddhist Hell (Program?).

In the chapter entitled “Repetition” and the following couple of chapters explains the description by the Buddha of the Hell Realms. On those Chapters she talks about the main tortures and describes that the main suffering Hell beings go through: (I am cutting and pasting, but the paper goes in detail).

 same. One’s
tortures. Even 


hell beings
length. The 


beings move
each inflicting 


Sounds like a recipe to me. With each attack they watch the reactions and change the plan accordingly until they do not have response and change the attack. That is why every TI has different protocols that change accordingly to their reactions and stages. There is no uniform Program individualized, and it looks like patterns because the disturbing actions are repetitive and without intermission. Spirituality and techniques helps to transcend the negativity because it helps to give positive response and they do not want that. I think this the underlying method of the Program: to repeat the actions until there is no response. They watch you. Having this knowledge may be going through the roof like the rats. The invisible glass ceiling is Repetition.

Time: August 14, 2017 at 10:02 pm


Name: Mikyoung Anna Chung


Comment: Hello, I have been a targeted individual about 2 years now. I did not know I was targeted individual. I did not know that I was getting DEW attack about 6 months ago started to know that I was targeted individual after reporting a priest to the child abuse department. When I began noticing the gang stalking I contact the child abuse department ,asking them what is going on because after I report about the priest, I became a gang stalking harassing victim. Child abuse depart said because it was about the priest that doesn’t live inside of my house, they said they forwarded my report to the law enforcement. When I contact the law enforcement, they said they never receive any thing from the child abuse dept. Then , I went to the police investigation station team in Riverside California and they said they can’t do any thing to help me. District attorney of riverside and senator and congress man and governor along with us justice department all over the united states of America. FBI all over the US. They all said the something. They can’t not assist me. When I didn’t know that they were shooting me with DEW , I only went to the hospital because I thought they were putting poison inside the food that made me sick.

I became very fatigue and hard to breath with chest pain with the fast heart beat along with my 8 years old. There is no stroke or heart attack family history yet I got a stroke. I went in and out of ER room.

Now about a week ago , I found out that I was getting rape every night. My clitoris was cut for their sexual rape stimulation. Before finding out about this, whenever I pee, it hurted so I thought this pain was due to the DEW attack so I really didn’t pay much attention until I found my virginal red like cooked meat. And I saw my child 8 years old and hers was stretched and dark color with red skin shiny in the entrance, I could not believe this. Before finding out about this, the kids were pooping in their under garment. I thought this was unusual but I never thought it could be from rape from annus. My annus is red and swollen too.
Now I need your help please. I think my husband is getting things in to his head. Mind control. Every time I speak about this he flips and throw the phone and break and become very violent and threaten me that he will send me a mental hospital and also says he will divorce me and go nuts. I know that he is getting mind control because this is not like him. We put bolt lock and secure all the window with the nob that we bought from the lows. And on Cctv their image is not caught. I know their tech is high and they have a special force team to break in and leave no trace but, I need to protect my children. I stay up all night, because as soon as I fall a sleep , they know and they come quick and rape us and leave with out the trace. I know that you guys give so much hope and inspirations , thank you for that . But I need support and help for me and my children’s safety. I know that my husband gets more upset when I say that the children has been raped. I think maybe he doesn’t want to believe that and if it is , he could be in a position where he fail to protect the children? I don’t know but even though there is no evidence and I show him red swallon image of my private part along with anus with my complaining of my pain but he says, there is no evidence and there is no way they could of came in. So I was wondering if you can convince him to take me to the rape test place to find out. At least just for me. Children later.. I need support and help while I am seeing my kids rape and me rape too. He does acknowledge tarted individual and he admit that he went along putting me to a mental facility because of their tactic but at this time I need most support from TI. I need to get this test done. Please consider convincing my husband to take me to the rape test ..My email address is
And also if you know or heard from someone that there is item that I can secure more my house with item, I would appreciated if you can share that information with me.
I can not believe this is happening to me and my children. Please help.

Time: August 22, 2017 at 4:14 pm


Rethinking Certain Targeting Effects

by Max Harrison Williams

The physical and neurological attackers seek to cause effects on targets that match the avocations or life styles of those particular targets, in effect making the cause of those effects appear natural. In my case, I’ve always been an outdoors person. During the last couple of years, four basal cell cancers have appeared on my face, the worst one of them on the top of my right ear. Non-targets, including physicians, might suspect that prolonged exposure to sun rays caused those cancers. Indeed, it probably does in most cases. However, in my case, there is no doubt in my mind that my attackers caused those cancers.

 Recently, while either sitting on the couch in front of the TV or sitting in my chair using the computer, the spot on my right ear has pulsed, much like the rhythm of a heartbeat. Whenever I place my hand over the ear, however, the pulsing instantly stops. Thus, it’s obvious to me that my attackers have focused their devices on those two locations that I habitually use.

 I feel sure that many of my effects are neurological, caused by the attackers tampering with certain parts of my brain. Yet, the cessation of the pulsing when the ear is covered suggests to me that the effect is not neurological but physical. Seemingly, the attackers are utilizing a radio frequency or some other attack mechanism directly to my location. Otherwise, if the pulsing were neurological, when I place my hand over the ear, it would continue pulsing.

 What is the origin of that attack? I don’t know. However, I have often gone outside at night and seen very large, military-looking type drones, sometimes as many as four of them, high above my house. Since I live in a very rural area far from any town, that indeed appears suspicious.

Likewise, I used to think that the vibrations that I receive are neurologically induced. I am beginning to rethink that idea. Why? Because the vibrations occur only when I am immobile, usually when I attempt to sleep at night. However, unlike the pulsing on the ear cancer, which occurs only in certain areas in my house, the vibrations occur anywhere, even when I travel abroad. The only criterion is that I seemingly must be a still target when the vibrations occur.

Although theories abound, we still know very little for certain about the attackers’ mode of attack. That is why I urge targets to keep journals to record the effects of their targeting and their ideas about them.     


By Freehumandata

The extraterrestrials play radio games on humans and feed us to hell. They can make you urinate not only for harassment purposes but for fast elimination of one, or another type of the chips. They conduct quantum programming of a ” revolution”, or a ”war” on the TI,s body, not exactly for the country you live in. It could be a third world country… A religious war too. You may not even know about it while you are up on vibs. You have to ground your self to listen those spellers… Each of the country, each of the skin colour, each of the age group, each sex has a certain frequency range radio chips– certain radio chips for a certain group. ”To fly” all radio chips the crowned TI has them all in the body, they travel from one level of the body to another. The higher located radio chips the higher their data will be vibrated out of the TI into the heaven. The TI is the stair in the social pyramid, a stair way to heaven in the radio chip vibrations. Those that fly on your head, Dr Horton can vibrate the data of themselves up to several kilometres in the sky up programming the Matrix of their ”cast”. That is why the helicopters are sent to cut the vibes of the scalar waves in the sky that compute the reality of the Matrix. SO, when one type of the radiochipps looses – gets numb- stops the translations, stops the vibrations, it get filtrated by the kidney from the blood to the urine. They can start vibrating again and get through the walls of the urine bladder back into the body, So, the sadist that play their games of pseudo revolutions, or quantum Matrix computing by their thoughts, must make the victum urinate as fast as possible to get rid of the radio chips that lost the VERBALLY QOMPUTED GAME of the Radio chips. It doesn’t mean that in the next hour, ”losers” that follow you wouldn’t give you a voice-to-scull suggestions to stop by a gas station and pick your favorite type of ice cream ( no cooking-no damage to the radio chips). The ice creame that has more radi9ochips of the ”looser” for you to vibrate. Do not eat anything that has heart in. It rise your vibes to 7th heaven. The radio chips also can be defecated with the stool- diarrhea – eat plums and pears, cucumbers with milk… or, just spell out loud several times diarrhea, I got diarrhea- you will get one. Ground your self walking bare foo swimming in the natural lakes, open swimming pools… So, the choppers, helicopters that fly over TI’s head do chop the vibrations from the crown of the head of the TI cutting the radiomission down. to change the layers of the radiochips to program you. Your head is like a flag in the war, those suspensions of the radiochips that stay around your mind affect your thinking. There are those bottom feeders, that fly on your feet. Everything that you watch and wear affect your vibes. The colour you wear on yourself affects not only your mood, but those radio chips that float in your blood stream. The colour you look at and wear on your skin affect the height of your vibes. Wear light colours with lots of tints.