Open Source Investigation

Welcome to our open source investigation. Posted below are writings from our community of what we will refer to as the Selected, but many may be more familiar with as Targeted Individuals or TI´’s. These suggestions and testimonials come from the heart and are offered as potential solutions. May we suggest that your belief wardrobes be left in the closet as you try on new ideas (or garments if you will) to see if they offer relief, regardless of your religious or philosophical underpinnings. We are searching together for the way or ways out of the torture dilemma.

#01 Ideas for TI’s by Noemi E Valentin Aug 3, 2017

#02 Listening to frequencies to break the brain entrapment by Pamela Seley

#03 Focused Jitter Vibration by Brian Wilcox

#04 Cochlear Implants and what you can do by Eente

#05 An Idea from the Bible by Glenda Whiteman  on Aug 12, 2017

#06 Mindfulness is the only real solution by Will Glover on Aug 13, 2017

# 07 Mental Shielding by Brian Tew

#08 6 Techniques by Mary Joy MacKay

#09 Defeating the Agenda by Ortaine Devian

#10 Humor& Sarcasm & Healing Frequencies by Ortaine Devian

#11 Love Deeply and Have as Much Fun as Possible by Audra

#12 Coping Techniques

#13 A Meditation called Eiriu Eolas (Gaelic for Growth of Knowledge)

#14 Haola A simple Qigong movement and sound healing exercise by Sincerity9

#15 Classic Meditation CD is the original recording and recommended by B H

#16 Let’s be in Nature Without Electronics by Rose Night

#17 A Few Things That Have Helped Me Over the Years by Anonymous

#18 1st Person Exercise for Defense Against DEW’s by Brian Wilcox

#19 Relief Tonic for Remote EEG, Long range Hypnosis, & Neural Manipulation, Frequency V2K submitted by Travis Monroe

#20 Some things that helped me at the worst point of my targeting by Rebecca Spencer

#21 Six Sounds submitted by Leon