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From: Patty Jackson
Sun, Sep 24, 2017
Subject: Submission for Portal

I wanted to share this wonderful product with the “selected” individuals. It is a pouch that blocks all cell phone service including GPS. It brought the stalking levels down for me by around 80%. It has been a God send. Also, when they do stalk me they are less “on time” and easier to maneuver around. They don’t “see” me as well. For example, The spitting on cue as I turn the corner has gone way down. They are more apt to stalk me where they know I’ll be at a certain time rather than as I move. I live in Los Angeles and do a lot of driving; most of the stalking occurs on the sides of the roads in transit. This product is only $30 and definitely worth the money. I have no stake or interest in the product at all. But it has brought me much relief and laughter!!! I got one up on them with this! I hope that you will find so too!!!👍🏻😃


New SHIELDING TIP Sept 13, 2017

When DEWs are aimed at my heart at night when I’m sleeping, I use a magnetic ironing pad cover and wrap it around my chest. This one I bought at Walmart for $5 works the best. I have used other types, but I like this one because it has magnets. I’ve been doing this for years actually, and it does really help, especially when I’m trying to get to sleep. I guess my perps are trying to see how long it is going to take to kill me with a heart attack.
I also use a foil sun visor tucked in the back pocket in my vehicle seat when I’m driving, and since doing this I don’t feel any attacks.. Yes, they attack me when I’m driving too. Took me years to figure this out. I recall on one of your vlogs Karen Stewart has a method for shielding vehicles.
Long story, but awhile ago I was diagnosed with a heart problem which turns out I may not have. I suspect it is the DEWs and EMFs I have been subjected to FOR YEARS, going on decades now that has impacted my health, and not in a positive way.
TIs who are being attacked at night in their beds with DEWs might find this ironing pad cover helpful. Only $5 at Walmart!

Best regards,

Transducers and Energy Weapons anecdote shared….

(added Sept 9, 2017)

I noticed that neighbors who moved into a rental in Florida  tempested their upper floor. That is NSA speak (and others) for placing materials in the windows almost like a TI would, but to block emanations and light from being seen or detected from outside. Tempested windows at NSA involve copper mesh to preclude using a laser listening device aimed at the glass windows to pick up Top Secret conversations and computer emanations.
I noticed that when I would take my dogs on their routine walk I was getting hit at certain places around the neighborhood. Now, the neighborhood was under thick tree cover, so not likely satellite and not likely drone. So either someone was dispatched to run through back yards and jump fences to follow me without being seen, not likely, or they were using transducers placed at strategic locations, that were picking up signals from a computer hooked to a satellite. Their protocol was to switch types of electromagnetic emanations every 6-7 weeks. Thus unlikely dispatching someone to switch devices spread all over. So again, you’re left with satellite to computer to transducers. Just before my 2nd round of targeting began in Florida in 2015 (stalked and harassed by NSA security 2006-2009, fired 2010, sued 2010 (EEOC)), tree cutter services were dispatched all over the neighborhood… mostly to empty lots. But the tall buckets went up pretty high, but branches were never cut. I think cameras and transducers were placed throughout the neighborhood.
I did disable one device in a tree quite by happenstance, that seemed to be a mini-DEW however.  I aimed a 1’x1′ mirror toward the top of a tree where I had seen a tree cutter bucket but no tree limbs were cut. There did seem to be “heat” that came from this tree top across the street, that seemed at times like microwave. About 2 weeks later, as I was walking past that spot, I heard what sounded like a small mechanical engine chug chug chugging as if dying. I stopped, assessed the direction of noise, and looked up. I saw nothing, but was in the middle of wondering why such a noise was coming from the tree top when I noticed the mirror I had placed in the yard was exactly pointed up in that direction. As I stood there the chugging became slower and stopped entirely. I think that the emanations reflected back enough to destroy the device as hard as it is to imagine that I actually got the angle so right as to do that. It still took a couple weeks however. So there are likely some devices in flora with piezomotors as well.K. M. Stewart

Name: Brian T Wilcox

Comment: Simple and Easy Defence from the “Heart Attack Weapon”

Example: A bang – bang – bang come from out side the house but not totally like a gun sound, and instantly I bolt out of my sleep and my heart rate is full speed! This type of weapon is for giving a heart attack as far as it feels, but as any individual that knows them selves thus can dismiss ownership of such an forced electrical rhythm and I did exactly that. Thus the heart beat will and did naturally return to normal relaxed state immediately! After all if the mind is relaxed but the heart is not, it’s pretty obvious that someone is running interference to split the mind and body.

Now it’s been years defending myself from this repeating and rather silly assassination exercise, it can come day or night and also some DEW of this nature will not make any sound! I find I do this defence without thinking, in fact dismissing this now is so automated within me that I noticed this on August 11th 2017. I got hit getting out of bed and it only took 3 fast heat beats total then back to normal. In other words 2 very fast beats alerts me some thing is off and the response to dismiss this energy takes 1 extra beat! That’s less then 2 seconds and happens faster than going over the average speed bump.
This might sound funny to TI that haven’t learned much about them selves yet, but this forced heart attack weapon isn’t any less dangerous than the time line tech I have talked about. In other words you really don’t get too many tries surviving it if you don’t pay attention! But as I have said paying attention can get to the point where one is fully automated about the defence, not even noticing to what just happened until after the fact.

I can’t count the number of times this happens in a year, but facts are I have never needed anyone to look at my heart over the many many years of this stupid DEW/psychotronic abuse.

Time: August 20, 2017 at 4:57 am


Name: joe murphy

Comment: have you thought of marble tiles they are the densest stone on the planet always 20 degrees cooler than the air that surrounds it they would repel any shot.another tip is on you tube [the healing power of gems and crystals by earth keeper video a wealth of info here for ti s.on this blog it says carry carbon steel in front pocket to ionize your aura and protect any hardware store sell it cheap much more info on blog

Time: August 17, 2017 at 3:37 pm


Completely stop RNM Remote Nuro Monitoring

by Mark Smileer Aug 16, 2017

Have you heard about remote neural monitoring 
I have you heard about they are watching you from space just you or here’s how it’s done
here’s how you do this magic trick

“Any sufficiently advanced technology is indistinguishable from magic…” ~Arthur C. Clarke
Reality is pretty foreign to humans…” ~Omnisense

Sometimes people don’t want to hear the truth because they don’t want their illusions destroyed—–Freidrich Nietzsche

“You can take TRUTH as authority or authority as the TRUTH?” ~Buddha

“If all declassified documents from the past explain how the governments and media repeatedly lied to us “for our own good”, then why do so many still believe they are telling the truth today?” ~Anonymous

“Activism is the rent I pay for living on this planet.” ~Anonymous
“There is logic for all truths, and logic for all false conclusions.” ~Omnisense

it is easier to fool people, than convince them that, they are being fooled….Mark Twain

and now you’re RNM

Tiny, Lens-Free Camera Could Hide in Clothes, Glasses (I found this on July 10/2017)

I started experimenting/figuring this out 4 yrs. ago
do you remember how I told you that your clothes are a video camera.???

Well the way you get rid of this stuff is you microwave everything, the longest everything, has to be in a microwave for is a full second. so if you want to put a lot of things into a microwave and turn it on for a couple of seconds it’s okay; zippers do not get ruined if you microwave for less than 3 seconds, doesn’t matter how much stuff you have in the microwave if there is metal don’t go over 3 seconds;  eyeglasses a second (and a half at the most preferably)  just one  full second, eyeglasses Ark at 2 seconds around the frame..if your microwave has a digital input  do one second twice for glasses you will never  wreck them; the glasses themselves do not get ruined but you will get scuff marks or Arc marks around the frame if you’re not careful.;;any digital watch will easily survive one second in the nuker but the equipment that your perps install won’t make one second so you just set the nuker on one second just have your watch inside and push start and when you take it out it works just  fine.

they may wreck your microwave there is no way to have the filament turn on in the microwave and for it not to be  emitting, you may end up having to buy a new microwave cuz they will wreck it… please don’t ask who are they?
It’s true I said they don’t have a budget and the video cameras are really expensive but they’re not going to start putting them back in until they can convince you to stop destroying them first.
It doesn’t matter what they got you to believe I am telling you a fact about radiation they will not radiate you if they cannot see. You turn off the video cameras they stopped radiating you at least where you live.
It all boils down to the fact that they need to record all your Ticks and jumps and screams and facial expressions when they torture you for their data purposes so if they can’t get the data believe me there’s no reason to radiate… I’m speaking from personal experience.


From Barbara Stepp

Inline image 1Try using this EMF Paint but can be a little pricey I think $259-$336. Tell the group to check amazon

Mack’s Silicon Putty Earplugs by eente

There are earplugs, Mack’s Silicon Putty earplugs that are excellent for blocking both loud acoustic noise and electronic, such as Silent Noise, mechanical sounds, starting sounds and noise in general.

Used with micropoliester cloths, sold in the automotive section in Walmart for ¢88 each and folded in four under a cap, may block electronic through the ear canal to brain. Especially if you cover the area behind the left ear, where coclear implants usually are implanted,, and wear an earplug to block the earc xanal. I think that stops the signals to brain.

There are Companies that advertize them:

There is a description in Wikipedia describing and explaining Coclear Implants and how they work. To me sounds like V2K source and what is out there is disinformation:

My experience has been that the satellites cannot spot me when I wear the caps and earplugs, because can I hear the chip in that spot beeping and getting warmer searching for the signal, and feel when it reconnect seconds after I take it off. I wonder if I fall completely out of the satellite signal and cannot ‘find’ me, and if tge chip also works as GPS. I also believe that particular microchip may be receiver and transmiter, and is the one with my brain signature. I am guessing.

Time: August 12, 2017 at 10:54 pm

Name: theobold jamzen
Electric Welding Helmet
greetings,not so easy to say it shortly
imagine you are Elisha reincarnated and gangstalked by a nation, similar to Jer11:19 …
imagine u r a legitamte avatar, a precursor to H.I.M.
yes, i am victim of a very high freemason conspiracy gangstalk in jamaica
dont know what to say cause i consider myself Most Hi TI …
anyways, an electric welding helmet worn backwards darth vader style interrupts transmission from brain stem … ancient blood libel combniied with tech at montauk — nephilim technology
i have scars from montauk on coccyx and neck back
20170813 RealityMeds: FreeWill/Scripted #Charlottesville #Falseflag?
Time: August 14, 2017 at 8:45 pm by Linda –  Some Good Solutions
Check out the podcast through youtube Ella Free Radio Show with NASA Richard Lighthouse regarding Satellite signals.
He is full of information regarding tracking humans and using them as targets. He has some good solutions to protect yourself using different replicating signals or someone told me to scramble the signals…remember we are a walking antenna and the more signals or sounds that abound the more the enemy is disarmed. I can see my perps driving by my house confused, they seemed disarmed by my disassembling the old Sat. Dish, taking down those new lightbulbs (which do have mercury in them) When the local police show up with there car trying to hide behind by bushes aiming me with the bright led light coming from his bumber (which is by the way a military weapon) and I go up to him to get out of his car and he just decides to disappear….What’s with that? Turn on your hose to water your plants, fill the bathtub with water, set your AM station to listen to the signals you are getting and leave it on one of them and then change it latter. This emits confusion to the signals coming in, I get about 10-15 signals or more at night especially when they crank it up. They weren’t able to get into my brain as much last night but still sent me a dream.
Ordered from LESS EMF.COM, Foil on windows with bright side facing the perps. You can keep the signals really low, so it won’t hurt your ears….Well, give it try…..Scrambling the signals…that’s what I’m doing, I was told that works.